Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! I hope everybody is having a wonderful Christmas and happy Hanukah for the people that celebrate it. :) I had such a great Christmas! I went to my uncles and I got to eat, play with animals, and talk to mom's family members that I have never met! It's great meeting new people. For Christmas I got two new outfits. I can't find the memory card to my camera because Mom's, brother took it. >_> Here they are: I absolutely love this outfit. It's really cute, warm, and mom has the exact same one. I let my sister Lindsey borrow this outfit and she looks awesome in it! Mom also has this same outfit and she thinks I look good in hats. She says the outfit will be great for Modeling. I love the whole outfit! I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas but remember "The biggest gifts come in small packages. :)" ~Bella

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today I was on Doll just looking around until I found this! Photobucket It's Lanie! The girl of the year for 2010! This is what she's gonna look like and I did not expect this! I pictured her as African American with brown hair but I guess I was wrong. She still looks pretty though. ;) ~Bella

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas list + Pics!

Hello people, Today I was talking to mommy and she said I should make a Christmas list. I don't want to ask too much because I know mom doesn't have a lot of money. Here is the list. 1.New sneakers 2.clothes from AG 3.A new toy 4.Lots of love The fourth on I already have but nothing wrong with wanting more love from the people that are awesome. Me and my sisters already got out Christmas pictures taken. There all very wintery looking and we look so cool. Here they are! There is me, Marisol and Lindsey holding the baby sister in the back. Don't let Marisol's smile fool you. She's EEEEEVILL! Baby Emma looks so sweet in her Christmas dress. :3 She's so cute! That's why I love her.(And the fact that she's my sister.) Here's Josefina and Sadie. Josie looks so pretty in that red dress and her hair down. Red is a very good color on her and Sadie doesn't like to dress up that much so she just put on some winter stuff. They both look really beautiful in there own way. so those are the pictures and I have the whole month of school off. That's because I'm home schooled. XD Yay me and my sisters. :D ~Bella

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hello dolls of Earth, I just wanted to say to you guys to have a Rocking awesome Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays. Today I'm going over to my Grandma's house and Cousin Kit is going to be there. We are going to have SO much fun and eat turkey, and play games. :)I've been learning about the story of Thanksgiving day. Josefina likes the story too and she picked out a thanksgiving dress for me to that looks traditional, but it's not really my style. I'll just wear something else. Hope everyone has a Fantabulous Thanksgiving. For people and Dolls around the world. And please comment to me on whats your favorite thing to eat at thanksgiving. ;) Mine is the turkey and the stuffing. ;) ~Bella

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dance Party! ;)

I had such a fun time last night with my sister Lindsey. My mommy was in Drama class at her school and me and Lindsey were bored and didn't know what to do. So we dug through some Cd's until we found the right one. I picked out a Jesse McCartney CD. I used to have a huge crush on him. ;) Lindsey is crazy about him and we started jumping up and down acting hyper. Lindsey even gave me a piggy back ride. Then my evil little Rebbeca doll tripped up and we fell face first on to the floor. Good thing it's a pink fluffy carpet. Don't worry Little Rebbecca got in trouble by her mom A.K.A Me and my mom. (You can see her knee in the picture.) All and all it was still very fun. Here is a Bonus picture of me and my lovable sister Lindsey and me dancing. :) Sisters For Life! ~Bella p.s I'm feeling soo much better. My temp went down and I don't have my Flu anymore.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm sick :(

Hey everyone, Unfortunatly there is a Flu going around and I got it. And no, it's not the Swine Flu. it's just a regular Flu. my sister Josefina is taking good care of me and mom keeps bugging me to take lots of Liquids. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Lol! I look awful too. Mia has been helping me with homeschooling while mom is at a human school. Sometimes Mia will give me a break for a couple days but don't tell mommy. ;)Marisol hasent been helping at all. Not that i'm complaining or anything everyone is taking good care of me but she's so disrespectful! She's always walking around with a Doctors mask and keeps screaming "Swine flu, Swine FLUUUU!" I swear I want to smack her accross the face.>_< Plus Josefina gets mad at Marisol, they get into an argument, and it causes a whole bunch of commotion. Mia try's to calm everyone down, Emma starts to cry (Bitty baby) and Sadie just yells "Shut UP!!!" Well at least it works... I hope I feel better soon. ~Bella

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Sorry it's a little late. My computar decided to act stupid and I couldent get on the internet! :( Halloween was fun though. I went trick-or-treating with Mia. I was a princess and Mia was a dancer. We got a bunch of candy. My favorite candy is Butterfingers. Yum! We got full after one piece because of the size of our stomaches. Mia was so hyper. Never give her suger sticks, Thats for sure. I wish i could post a picture but my camra is screwed up. I having problems! Lol. Here is an old picture of mia wearing the dress that I wore for halloween. Mia is a flower girl in this picture. ~Bella

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm back!!!

Hey everyone! I'm back! It was so fun. It turns out we weren't in Connecticut for a while. Me and my mom woke up at 5:00am to get on a train. We were going to NEW YORK CITY! It was a surprise from mommy's aunt. The first thing we did when we got to New youk was go to the American girl place. It's three floors and it is so cool! We went to go eat at the cafe. This is me and my chair. They gave me these plates and cups. you couldn't keep them though. :( Mom is right next to me. After that we got to our hotel which was SO nice and cozy. While we were at the AG place I got a souvenir outfit and a surprise for Chrissa. Her Llama starburst. Chrissa was really excited and happy. The next day we went to the statue of liberty! It was SO cool to see it up close. I might be making an album soon so everyone can see it! Not to mention we went to the Empire state building. We went on the 80Th floor!! The view of the city was beautiful! I think my favorite trip was going to the Broadway show. Me and mom saw Marry Poppins. It was unbelievable and awesome. I will make an album soon. Until then here are some pictures. I took this picture from the empire state building. Isn't it cool? There are so many birds in New york. There used to being around people and traffic. Sometimes they'll come up to you looking for food. ~Bella

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Going to Connecticut (Be back soon!)

Hey guys! I'm going to Connecticut with my mom. I'll make sure to update when I come back. I will be gone for three days. I'll post some pics while I'm there. We are going to have a girls night out! I know it sounds dorky but It'll be fun. :)I can't wait. See you guys soon! xoxoxo ~Bella

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Being micheivious!

Today I was hanging out with Sonali. We talked a lot and she is actually really nice, as if she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. We wanted to go play outside but it was down pouring so we decided to have some fun inside. My mom was still in school and we were getting a little bit hungry. Me and Sonali pulled up a chair and climbed on top of the counter. We were curious to see what kind of snacks mom is always keeping from us. It was so much fun. Sonali was in the cubored and she found some cheese-its party mix! yum! We never went up on the counter before. I didn't know Sonali has a mischievous side to her. Same with my doll Rebbeca. We got down from the counter and then we heard footsteps. Me, Sonali, and Mini Rebbeca ran and we hid in the coat closet. At least we didn't get caught... ~Bella

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sonali is here!

Hi guys! Sonali came to our house this after noon. I came down stairs and I saw Chrissa and her together watching TV. I said hi to her and introduced myself. She is actually very nice. We talked a little bit and giggled at Sponge Bob. Chrissa loves that show and we looked at the American girl catalog. Did you know American girl came out with new dolls? If you didn't know, you can check on there website. Anyways, Sonali is really pretty and we get along great. I'm not sure how Marisol is going to react because she doesn't like new dolls. I'm going to give Sonali a tour around the house so she'll know were to go. :) ~Bella

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I can't believe Fall is here already! It seems like only yesterday was summer and now it's getting a little chilly. Me and my sister Sadie wanted to go outside and play. There aren't many leaves around, only because it's the beginning of this beautiful season. It was fun going outside and goofing around with your older sister. Me and Sadie gathered a bunch of leaves and we threw them at each other. Lol! XD We could not stop laughing! After we calmed down we took a walk in our neighborhood. We started talking about what the "New Girl" AKA Sonali would be like. She's coming home tomorrow. Then we just sat on the grass and looked at the sky. It was clear skies and not a cloud in sight! It was actually so peaceful that we actually fell asleep while leaves fell on us. I think the trees are starting to kick in! I'm going to miss summer. I was so used to warm weather and now I'm freezing. I guess its one of those things you have to get used too. I hope everyone enjoys the Fall this year! And a bonding with a sister. ;) ~Bella

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Doll!

Hey everyone, Today was mom's birthday and she got some money...enough to buy another doll. She's going to order a girl named "Sonali" If you have trouble pronouncing her name this is how It's pronounced: Suh-nal-lee. She is one of Chrissa's best friends. I hope she's nice. This is what she looks like. I heard she had a reputation of being mean, but changed. BOY I already have Marisol to ruin my life. Plus my Bossy older sister of a home-school teacher still won't settle down with her teachings. :( What if Marisol and Sonali join together and start to beat up on me? (Then again, Sonali does have Chrissa.) Sonali used to have some friends named Tara and jadyen and they would gang up on Chrissa. I remember in the movie that she did change. I hope Sonali is just like the Sonali from the movie. ~Bella

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mia's Back! :D

Mia came back from Rhode Island! I missed her too much. Last night I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about my best buddy coming home. She also got me a souvenir. It's a blue rock with a palm tree on it and when you put it in the sun it *sparkles*. The really funny part was that when she walked inside me and my sisters ran down stairs and did a dog pile, Or as you may call it "Doll pile." Lol! She didn't mind though, She thought it was fun and we started to laugh. Aren't we glad to have friends? ~Bella

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mia is in Rhode Island!

My Best friend in the whole world left yesterday. That's because she's on vacation. She E-mailed me saying the the traffic is crazy! Most people go to Cape cod for there vacation.Can you imagine the traffic there?! Anyways, she sent me some pictures from her trip. She stayed at a Hotel called "America's best quality Inn" The only important thing to Mia is that the room is clean and it's cheap. It was a two star hotel, but she doesn't care. I heard the beds were super comfy. I couldn't come because I had home school and and this was Mia's special time. Mia just didn't stay at a hotel the whole time though. She actually visited a Newport and there was a beautiful dock with a bunch of boats. Mia is so lucky! Maybe I should have a special time with myself. Mia also said that the water at the dock gets high in the morning but gets lower during the afternoon. She'll be back in 4 days. ~Bella

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My new AG doll!

OMG! I'm SO happy right now. My mom says I've been really good with my home schooling, and she gave me...*Drumroll*......REBECCA!!!!!!! She is so pretty and she's the new Historical doll. I've always wanted an AG doll. She's from 1914 and has curly brown hair and Hazel eyes. She's Russian-Jewish and growing up in New york city. I just started reading her book. I can't believe how happy I am! :D Here is a picture of me and my new friend.;)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to school...Well home school.

Today was my first day of School. I'm home schooled, so It's not that much of a big deal. The reason I'm home schooled is because my mom doesn't have time to take me to a public school because she goes to one. My older sister Josefina teaches me and the rest of my sisters. Josefina is a great teacher, but...She can go overboard. Marisol asked if she could go use the bathroom and Josefina got mad and made her wear a "Dunce" cap and sit in a corner. Josefina thinks Marisol is trying to get out of class. Josefina was losing it! She started punishing everybody if they didn't get a question right. I was able to sneak way quickly and quietly. Today was a little suckish. Other then that, mom is going back to school tomorrow. I'll be home alone with my sisters. Hopefully tomorrow will be better...or worse. ~Bella

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Climbing trees!

Today was so fun! It finally cooled down and me an my BFF Mia got to go outside to my favorite tree. Behind my house is a little tree that's so fun to climb and great for shade. We sat under the tree and we played and chat, then we decided to climb it. I never knew Mia was such a good climber. She went all the way to the top of the tree but the problem was that she couldn't get down and I Had to bring out a ladder to get her down. Lol! I would have taken a picture of Mia on the very tippy top of the tree but I was really worried about getting her down. She's really good. I also really loved what she was wearing. Maybe I should borrow that outfit from her. ;)Anyways...Here is a picture of both of us by the tree. Don't you just love Best friends? Do you have any BFF's, and if so who is it? ~Bella

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

McDonald's Toys!

Guess what!? The other day my Sister Lindsey went to the bass pro shop near Gillette stadium (That's where the soccer games are) and then they went to McDonald's and look what she got. There having American girl doll toys at there! Lindsey wasn't too crazy about it, so she gave it to me. There's little paper dolls inside. This one is Kirsten so if you want these little books go to McDonald's and ask for a "girls happy meal." There really fun to read and the paper dolls are fun too.;)Oh and if you want to see the trip with Lindsey and the Bass pro shop you can look on my Albums and find it. ~Bella

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Hot!

It is so hot outside. I wish I could go out and play but my vinyl will soften and melt. Hopefully if it gets cooler or rains I could go out. Good thing my house has air conditioning. I have to sleep downstairs on the couch with mom while all my sisters sleep upstairs in the guest room. The guest room has air conditioning, so it's nice and cool in there. Other then this blistering hot weather, my Sister Lindsey is happy. This is what she looks like. She was watching videos on YouTube, and found a video on how to tighten a dolls neck. (That's if the neck is loose.) Lindsey had that problem ever since she arrived. She asked Mommy if she could tighten her neck string and she agreed. Lindsey looks so much better without that big gap in her neck. Plus her head doesn't wobble. Now my mom won't have to worry when she receives dolls in the mail. ;) ~Bella

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

♥Modeling with Mia♥

Yestorday was sooo much fun. I got to model with my BFF Mia! She is a model too, and loves to ice skate.☺ Our Agent set up a pink flower background and we put on some very flashy outfits. There actually Marisol's clothes, but don't tell her. Mwhahaha! >:D. Anyways the theme is friendship and here are some of the photos. Mia is giving me a pibbyback ride! The shoot was fun and we couldent stop laughing! We put our shoot into an album so make sure to check that out.:) This is such a nice closeup of me and Mia. Don't we look so pretty? It's so nice to do a photoshoot. Especially with your best friend. If you want to see the rest of the pictures you can look on the albums in my favorite links. I always love hearing comments.(Nice ones, of course!) I think Mia enjoyed the photo shoot more the I did. Lol! ~Bella

Monday, August 10, 2009


I've been catching up on my Modeling lately and I thought it would be cool to share one of my photo shoots. In this one, I'm advertising a company called "School Art." It's when a child has there art work printed on something like mugs, tee shirts, posters, and Lots of other stuff. I wanted to show off my giant Tee shirt I did. It's suppose to be a bird. All you do is send in your art work to "School art" and then they'll give you a catalog with a bunch of merchandise on it. You select the product you want and they'll put your art on it! Isn't that cool!? Anyways here are my modeling pictures. I use my giant Tee shirt as pajamas.:) The scenes in my pictures are taken in my mommy's parents bedroom. The colors in the room are just perfect for scenery. As you can see I have my favorite stuffed Unicorn. Her name is Starlight. Here is a closeup! I really like closeups. Everybody can see my beautiful face.;) This one is my favorite. Even though it covers my picture on my tee shirt, I'm suppose to look scared. Like I seen a ghost or something is going to attack me. I really do love to model. When I do it, it just clears everything in my head. It gets me off of my mind of... I can't believe I'm saying her name in this one special post, but Marisol!!! Modeling gets me off of my mind of what happened Last week. Remember when she tied me up and put me in a box. Ugh! Stupid ungrateful...Well you get the point. Anyways it helps me forget about bad memories and lots of other stuff I rather not think about. What do you do to relieve stress? I hope you loved my photos. I'll make sure to post another photo shoot on my blog pretty soon. Bye for now.:) ~Bella

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marisol stricks again!

Marisol is so Evil!!! Here is what happened I walked into my room and nobody was around. All of my other sisters were outside playing Marco Polo, Well I thought Marisol was outside But boy, was I wrong! When I walked in, She came out of no where and jumped on me! She had a bunch of headbands that mom would usually wear. She tied me up with mommy's head bands. She tied my legs, hands, and my mouth. Marisol told me she was going to ship me off to a place called "EBay." That's were the UN-loved,beat up, non-bonding, dolls go! She put me into my original box. I thought I was really going on "EBay" and Never seeing mommy again. Then right at that very moment, Mommy walked into the room. Marisol was caught! She was really mad. Marisol is grounded for a MONTH! It felt so good having those head bands off of my body. Next time I'll watch out before I go to the bedroom, and sleep with one eye open...And laugh, and laugh, and laugh at Marisol. ~Bella

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I've been really getting into photography lately. At first I wasn't sure what to take pictures of,but then my friend Chrissa gave me an Idea! "Why not take pictures of flowers?" Good thing theres Chrissa around. I told my mommy about it and she took me to some places with beautiful flowers. Here are some pics I took while I was there. This one is my favorite! I love little droplets of water on grass and plants. I didn't realize I did such a good job on this photo. This big beautiful flower remines me of the sun. It looks so bright in the middle and it just pops out! I had to be really brave for this one! It's a cute little Bee on a flower! I'm allergic to bee's so mom had to be with me the whole time I was taking the picture. Luckily I didn't get stung. I don't think that little Bee minds. Maybe someday I can sell my photographs. Mommy says I get the photography from her. :) Do any of you guys like doing photography? ~Bella

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Went to a Craft fair and museum.

Yesterday was so fun. I would have posted yesterday, but I was to tired to even talk. I went to a craft show with my mom and there was so much. They didn't have any doll clothes though. Oh well. There was even a museum across the street from the fair. It talks about a lot of history and the town we were at. These are some people setting up there stuff in there tents. It was a little chilly in the morning, but then it got really warm in towards the day. I even got to meet these golden retrievers that were so soft and beautiful,they didn't even eat me. Aren't they SO cute? They look so happy! After that morning it turned afternoon really quick. It got really hot so I got some Oreo Ice cream and went to the museum across the street. I learned so much about that town. There was this really creepy looking doll that's more then 50 years old. She looks possessed. I'm glad I don't look like that. These are some really old medicine and poison bottles. See? Poison. That bottle looks scary. And look! One of those really old type writers. There just like ours but bigger and more bulkier.;) It was a really good day. It felt so good to get home and change my clothes.Hopefully I'll go to another craft show with mom. ~Bella