Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lizzie is leaving tomorrow :[

So it turns out that Mom and Lizzie are leaving tomorrow night. D: Why????
I asked Mom that and she says she's going to Connecticut for two nights and then going to Cape Cod for a WEEK! And she still Say's that I can't go... I can't believe that I have to be alone with all of my sisters. It'll be fun but chaotic. Good thing Josefina is in charge instead of Marisol. She tried sucking up to Mom and being all nice to her but it totally turned around. Marisol was disappointed but I don't care. I'm just glad someone more wiser is in charge... and because I don't want to get killed next week by Marisol. Even though I'm really bummed out that I can't go with Mom and Lizzie I hope they have a safe and fun trip. I'll make sure to give Lizzie a hug before she leaves. To all you dollies out there reading my blog: What was your most memorable trip? Leave me a comment and tell me about your trip. ☺

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lucky Elizabeth!

Elizabeth is soooo lucky! She gets to go with Mom to Cape Cod for a week at the beginning of July! I asked Mom if I could go and she tells me it's hard to bring more then one doll to a trip. Plus Mom's friend is going and she's bringing a girl named Felicity. It turns out Felicity is our cousin and one of Lizzie's best friend. You know what's even worse though? I have to be alone with all my sisters and that's not even the bad part. It's an evil sister named Marisol... If Mom puts her in charge she's gonna torture us all. Look what she did to poor Sadie! I pray that she'll put Josefina in charge. She's great at taking care of the animals and all of us including baby Emma.
Isn't she just the sweetest thing?
Anyways I tried begging Mom to go and she still won't let me.... :( She said maybe next year. This July week is going to be very, very, very crazy. Especially with Marisol. What are you dollies doing this summer?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sleepover Disaster!

Hello followers,
So summer is almost here and Mom is getting out of school soon. Me and my sisters get to spend more time with her. Marisol won't get into too much trouble because Mom is watching her all the time. ;) Last night me, Sonali, Sadie, and Chrissa had a sleepover and I was having fun until Sonali spilled water on me and humiliated me. :/ We were playing truth or dare and she made me dance around in my underwear. Not only that but I had to sing 'I'm a pretty pony'.... It was so humiliating. At least it wasn't just me who had to do horrible dares. Sonali ate hamster food, Sadie took Marisol's underwear and got the crap beaten out of her, Chrissa had to look up blue waffle on google (She was scarred for life) and you already know my dare. You're probably wondering how I got water on me that night? Well I was trying to get back at Sonali for making me do that awful dare. I took a mug filled with water and tried putting her hand in it while shewas sleeping. It was suppose to make her wet the bed but instead she caught me and whipped her hand on my face.
Yeah...It was not fun. I'm surprised no one woke up after that little episode. Chrissa talks in her sleep and it's pretty funny. She kept saying "Icee creeeammmmm" in her sleep. To make this post more entertaining here is a picture of Sadie getting beaten up by Marisol.
Eventually Marisol dragged Sadie into her room. It reminded me of one of those horror movies I saw with mom when this girl was getting sucked into a door. It ate her up like nom nom nom!!!
Well that's all I have to type about bloggers. Until next time!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh Massachusetts :/

Oh Massachusetts how I love you... :/
Our weather here has been pretty funky. One day it's boiling hot and the next there's tornado warnings and hail. When it was boiling hot Katie (Mom) had to move me and my sisters from her room to the AC down stairs. She was really concerned about our vinyl. With the tornado warnings she was ready to bring us down in the basement but no tornado came in our town so that's good. Today it's a little bit chilly and rainy. I have nothing to do and I haven't been outside in a while.
I just sit here looking out the window watching the rain fall from the Grey sky. I wish it was perfect weather. Not too hot, sunny, white clouds, blue sky. :P I've also been thinking a lot lately... What do you, my dollie friends, do when you're bored?