Friday, February 19, 2010

Spending time with Lanie+Marisol=Bad!

Today I decided to spend a little time with Lanie. Ever since she arrived we became closer and Marisol became meaner. Marisol was coming up with nick names for Lanie like Taylor swift, Blondie, etc. Well Lanie took it personally. We were playing truth or dare with Chrissa and this is what happened... We were all crowded in a circle playing Truth or Dare. Chrissa asked asked "Lanie, Truth or Dare?" Lanie picked Dare and Chrissa saw Marisol talking to Sonali. They were laughing and pointing at Chrissa. Lanie asked what was wrong and she looked at Sonali and Marisol. Lanie was disgusted! Lanie went over to the two girls and glared at them. Marisol said "What do you want Blondie!?" Lanie got down on her knees and she pulled down Marisol pants! That's right Ladies and gentlemen. Marisol got Pantsed!!! Marisol was really Angry. She tried to chase Lanie but Lanie ran and Marisol tripped on her pants. I have such weird sisters. I guess Lanie doesn't take crap from anybody. :/ ~Bella

Saturday, February 13, 2010

*February Vacation*

It's finally February Vacation. I get a whole week off from homeschooling :)I can take a break and just relax. I asked mom if I could go outside and play and she said it was OK. I got to make a snow angel. Mia also had a chance to go ice skating. She showed me some really cool trick. She can do some spins, turns, flips, and jumps. I never knew she was that good. She looks so pretty in that dress. I wish I could wear that. Atleast I'm on vacation. ~Bella

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lanie is here!!!

My sister arrived last night! She is really nice and likes her new home. She seems to like the outdoors, considering she kept on asking Mama is she can go outside. She also has really pretty clothes and a pet bunny named Lulu. Ever since she arrived Marisol didnt make a comment about her...Well except she called her Blondie, Taylor swift, and Lamie.I think she's been reading Angry Jess's blog. Other then that Marisol been quiet. Here's a few pics of Lanie. I like playing with her Bunny Lulu. She's just so cute. :3 ~Bella