Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting ready for school :o

Hello everyone,
As you can notice I'm getting ready for school.
Even though I am home schooled, I still have to get ready. I have my laptop, my bible (for comfort), a free reading book, health book, geography book, Math book, notebook, etc. It may look like a lot but it really isn't. I don't need too much stuff since I'm going to be at learning at home.
I start on the 30th of August. It's the same date when Mom starts school. She's also really busy during this time of the month. I hope she can to spend time with me. I've been wanting to go to the AGPNB trip with her in September to pick up our new sister Kanani, but Mia also wants to go and Mom always gives into her.
But anyways back to the school subject... When do you guys start school? If you already started how is it going for you? =)
Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I can't believe what I heard...

Well first I want to start off with some good news. Mom confronted me today and she said she'll be getting our new sister (Kanani) around the end of August or the beginning of September. I was so excited! I love new editions to the family. I was telling Sadie and Chrissa what Mom told me and they're also excited.
We were trying to keep quiet about it because Marisol was in the same room. If we just left she would of followed us. When we thought Marisol didn't care what we were talking about she butts into our conversation. She BEGGED to know what we were talking about. At first we didn't know what to say to her and then Sadie came out with it.
Now the bad news...
Marisol did not want to hear what Sadie told her and she dropped her dance bag that she carried around and ran off. We warned her and she did put it on herself. Typical Marisol right?...Wrong!!! I think something changed her that day. Lizzie decided to talk to her and I heard Marisol's feeling being poured out onto Lizzie.
Marisol felt like she was splitting from her older sisters because of new arrivals. She felt like her Josefina, and Sadie were growing apart and she actually had TEARS in her eyes. Actual tears! Then Elizabeth said that we were all going to be sisters no matter what and that we all love Marisol, and to tell you the truth...I do love Marisol. She's my older sister and even though she can be extremely rude I still care about her.
I just couldn't believe what I heard from her... And then she hugged Elizabeth after!
It was so sweet but I feel kind of bad. Maybe that's why Marisol was so rude. Not just to new dolls but in general. It's still no excuse but maybe if we all start being nice to Marisol then maybe she'll stop being rude. There's more info on a Picasa album on the link bar.
I swear that day her squished-apple of a heart grew a few sizes that day... Like the Grinch. (:
I just hope it grows a little bit bigger or stay a few sizes bigger.
Thanks for reading this post all you dollies out there. Chow!