Sunday, July 26, 2009

Went to a Craft fair and museum.

Yesterday was so fun. I would have posted yesterday, but I was to tired to even talk. I went to a craft show with my mom and there was so much. They didn't have any doll clothes though. Oh well. There was even a museum across the street from the fair. It talks about a lot of history and the town we were at. These are some people setting up there stuff in there tents. It was a little chilly in the morning, but then it got really warm in towards the day. I even got to meet these golden retrievers that were so soft and beautiful,they didn't even eat me. Aren't they SO cute? They look so happy! After that morning it turned afternoon really quick. It got really hot so I got some Oreo Ice cream and went to the museum across the street. I learned so much about that town. There was this really creepy looking doll that's more then 50 years old. She looks possessed. I'm glad I don't look like that. These are some really old medicine and poison bottles. See? Poison. That bottle looks scary. And look! One of those really old type writers. There just like ours but bigger and more bulkier.;) It was a really good day. It felt so good to get home and change my clothes.Hopefully I'll go to another craft show with mom. ~Bella

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meeting my new cousin! :D

I was really excited yesterday! I got to meet my cousin. Her name is kit. She is a historical and wants to be a reporter. I got to meet her because her mommy is at New Hampshire and Kit guards the house while she's gone. Sometimes she can get lonely that's when I stepped in. This is me walking to her house. When I got there I knocked on her door a few times, but no body answered. The door was open so I walked inside. It was a cozy home. I figured she would be in her mom's room. She was! Kit was really excited to see me. We got along great! We got to talk about a lot of stuff. She gave me a tour around the house and apologised, because she didn't hear me at the door. Kit is even the same age as me! Later we got to watch TV in her living room. I got to teach her about a lot of stuff that's popular "Today" I turned on Sponge Bob and she loved it! We got to dance around to one episode and and being funny. We did one thing that our mommy's would never let us do. Climb on the Cat tower. Kit has some kitties but her mom took them to new Hampshire. I We had to take off our shoes so when we climb on each other it won't hurt. I got to the very top and Kit is in the middle. It was SO much fun! Then mommy told us to get down. After that daring adventure we got to play hide and seek. I think I'm a very good hider but Kit found me! I was hiding in a video basket. It was still fun,though. The hard part was saying goodbye. I didn't want to leave but I knew I couldn't stay. Mommy told me that I will see her again someday. I didn't realise I could get so close to a cousin. But she's my cousin and I know I will see her again. ~Bella

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you like my new Kitty?

I got her at Bunny hero labs. She is on the side bar and you can give her some food or play with her. Feel free to adopt one yourslef and add a pet to your Blog. ~Bella

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ugh! Marisol! >:(

Today wasent really that good. My mommy had to go to a summer program for 45 minuets and I was stuck with the rest of my sisters. Thats not bad but one of my sisters is mean to me. She is the second oldest and her name is Marisol. She is always talking about herself, does NOT like new dolls, and and keeps bragging about that she's Girl of the year, or something like that. She thinks shes super rare because she was made in 2005. Big whoop!! Lindsey was GOTY for 2001. Look at her now. I should tell what happend when mom was at the summer program. I was sitting on the bed talking to Lindsey (#19). She is older then me by two years and she's nice to me. Well Marisol came over and said "Lindsey why are you hanging out with a loser like HER! She's not even pretty!" What did she just say!? OMG I wanted to claw her eyes out but then Lindsey held me back! Marisol is a total brat and I dont like her! "Hate" is a really strong word. I heard it took her three months to get along with Chrissa. Good thing Mia's hockey stick was around. But once again Lindsey stoped me.I wish I could do something with Marisol. I dont' want to kill her I just want her to know what it's like being picked on. I am SOOOO NOT ugly. If I was ugly I wouldent even be a model. Is Marisol a Model!? NOOOO! I am soo mad! Once again I don't like her! ~Bella

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catching spring peepers!

Today was really fun! Mommy told me that we were going to catch spring peepers and I said "What are spring peepers?" She told me there like little tiny frogs that live in wet area's. The grass was wet enough to catch them. We went outside in the backyard and we ketched 14 spring peepers! It was so fun but you have to ketch them easily. If you use your fingers it could hurt them so You can just take your hand and scoop them up gently or put your hand over them so they can jump to your palm. It was a lot of fun. I heard that they are really loud during the this time of year because they do there mating call down at the swamp. I felt good letting them go. I saved 14 spring peepers. Of course I had to wash my hands after. I hope to do it again soon. ~Bella

Friday, July 17, 2009


Hi everybody! This is my first ever Blog.I just came to my new home from the AGPNB. It was really hot there. Anyways I should probably introduce myself. My name is Isabella but you can just call me Bella. I'm #25 in the JLY collection. I love to model, sing, and I'm really pretty. I'm not trying to be a snob but I think I am. My new mom is awesome and she is so nice!I even have new sisters! One of them is named Marisol. She is the 2nd doll and a little mean. I don't think she likes me. There is one girl I did like though. Her name is Mia St.Clair and she does modeling just like me! I hope we become Best friends! OK more about me! I love Demi lovato. She is a really talented singer. That's what you know about me. I should tell you how I got to Rutland from Boston! Well the store looked really busy and I was upstairs in the back of a shelf. Another #25 was was in front of me. Then a woman grabbed the first box and then the second. She gave them to a young teenager and she opened both boxes to do body inspection. Then she stood both of us up and scanned us. She decided to pick me. She went to the cashier and paid for me. She also got a tote to carry me in. It was really hot when we got into the car and the teenager started to open me up. That's when I new that She was my new mom. I can't believe I was wearing that star hoodie. I was cooking in that. Then we went to the food market called "Pricechoper." It was nice and cool in there. Mom carried me in her tote. We ordered Pizza and then drove off. I finally got to my new home and we went upstairs and I saw other dolls! You already knew that. ;)The best part was when my new mom took me into a walk-in-closet and on top of a white bookshelf there was two beds. One was my oldest sister's bed Josefina's, and the other was mine! My very own room with clothes and toys and posters. There was a gift on the side of the bed, my mom told me to open it and it was a stuffed pink unicorn. Hoe cute! I named her "Starlight." So that is the story how I got here. My new mom is going to give me a tour around the house now. Bye! ~Bella