Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catching spring peepers!

Today was really fun! Mommy told me that we were going to catch spring peepers and I said "What are spring peepers?" She told me there like little tiny frogs that live in wet area's. The grass was wet enough to catch them. We went outside in the backyard and we ketched 14 spring peepers! It was so fun but you have to ketch them easily. If you use your fingers it could hurt them so You can just take your hand and scoop them up gently or put your hand over them so they can jump to your palm. It was a lot of fun. I heard that they are really loud during the this time of year because they do there mating call down at the swamp. I felt good letting them go. I saved 14 spring peepers. Of course I had to wash my hands after. I hope to do it again soon. ~Bella

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