Friday, July 17, 2009


Hi everybody! This is my first ever Blog.I just came to my new home from the AGPNB. It was really hot there. Anyways I should probably introduce myself. My name is Isabella but you can just call me Bella. I'm #25 in the JLY collection. I love to model, sing, and I'm really pretty. I'm not trying to be a snob but I think I am. My new mom is awesome and she is so nice!I even have new sisters! One of them is named Marisol. She is the 2nd doll and a little mean. I don't think she likes me. There is one girl I did like though. Her name is Mia St.Clair and she does modeling just like me! I hope we become Best friends! OK more about me! I love Demi lovato. She is a really talented singer. That's what you know about me. I should tell you how I got to Rutland from Boston! Well the store looked really busy and I was upstairs in the back of a shelf. Another #25 was was in front of me. Then a woman grabbed the first box and then the second. She gave them to a young teenager and she opened both boxes to do body inspection. Then she stood both of us up and scanned us. She decided to pick me. She went to the cashier and paid for me. She also got a tote to carry me in. It was really hot when we got into the car and the teenager started to open me up. That's when I new that She was my new mom. I can't believe I was wearing that star hoodie. I was cooking in that. Then we went to the food market called "Pricechoper." It was nice and cool in there. Mom carried me in her tote. We ordered Pizza and then drove off. I finally got to my new home and we went upstairs and I saw other dolls! You already knew that. ;)The best part was when my new mom took me into a walk-in-closet and on top of a white bookshelf there was two beds. One was my oldest sister's bed Josefina's, and the other was mine! My very own room with clothes and toys and posters. There was a gift on the side of the bed, my mom told me to open it and it was a stuffed pink unicorn. Hoe cute! I named her "Starlight." So that is the story how I got here. My new mom is going to give me a tour around the house now. Bye! ~Bella

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