Friday, August 20, 2010

Wow!!! What a great 3 days!!!

For the passed three days my Mom was at NH with her Grandma and cousin. This was great because all of us were home alone. It was SO much fun!!! :D Me and my sisters raid the fridge, had dance parties, got high on SUGAR, and we kina broke something but we weren't sure what it was. If Mom does find something broken and questions about it we just blame Marisol because Mom can always believe that. X) Haha. Marisol was the most destructive one out of all of us. I will never in a million years give Marisol sugar again. I'm still haunted by the images. Hahaha!!! But all of this happened in three days and Mom didn't suspect a thing. She came home yesterday but I never knew it was so fun getting away with stuff. (Depending what it is and as long as it doesn't get you into jail. :P) I wonder if Mom looks at my Blog... o.O If she asks maybe I should blame Marisol saying she stole my password...Then again Mom is smarter then that... Oh well I suffer the consequences. See ya guys. :/ ~Bella♥

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New pictures!!!

Heyyy guys!!!! I finally found my memory card and uploaded my new pics. I'm modeling my new hearts dress while Josefina wears my Safari sundress. :) Don't we look so beautiful. My sundress looked really nice on her. I'm glad I got to share it with her. It's the others I don't like...JK I love my sisters but when there clingy on a dress it gets scary. o.O That was with Josefina. She loves the dress and it looks good on her... but she refuses to take it off. Remember when she tried home schooling? That was way worse. I hope she's not like that with my dress. She can be very possessive with things that don't belong to her. Oh Josie... ~Bella♥

Monday, August 2, 2010

Delay :/

Sorry about the Delay you guys. I keep losing my memory card to my camera. You know how I am with losing stuff. :P I did get the dresses though. I'm wearing my Hearts dress right now. It's really pretty and it expresses my style. I also tried on the Zebra print dress and I love it. It's very comfortable and easy to wear. I have to let Sadie borrow it because she loves it too. :P New pictures of the dresses will be up soon but until I find that memory card, make sure to be patient. Thanks for understanding my dollie followers. ;) ~Bella♥