Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New pictures!!!

Heyyy guys!!!! I finally found my memory card and uploaded my new pics. I'm modeling my new hearts dress while Josefina wears my Safari sundress. :) Don't we look so beautiful. My sundress looked really nice on her. I'm glad I got to share it with her. It's the others I don't like...JK I love my sisters but when there clingy on a dress it gets scary. o.O That was with Josefina. She loves the dress and it looks good on her... but she refuses to take it off. Remember when she tried home schooling? That was way worse. I hope she's not like that with my dress. She can be very possessive with things that don't belong to her. Oh Josie... ~Bella♥


  1. Bella,
    That was nice of you to share your safari sundress with Josefina. She does look great in it. It's probably the black/white against her pretty tanned skin and dark hair. Of course, you look gorgeous in the heart dress! I'm really not one who likes pink all that much, but you sure look great in it.


  2. You guys look pretty! Yeah, Dark colors look good on light-skinned people and light colors with tanned people. Works for me!
    You guys are so cute!

  3. Bella, you guys look soooo cute!!!

    Stay True,

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