Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our new sister is here!

Hey guys!
Guess what!? Mom went to the AG store in Natick and adopted Saige! I got to meet her and talk to her and shes so cool.

She had her dog Rembrandt, with her and he's so cute! I think we're gonna get along just fne. :)
Mom loves taking pictures of her. She says shes very photogenic and wants to do a shoot with her and I. Here's another picture of her in her new outfit.

I do like that shirt. I might steal it from her. :p Mom did bring me back a surprise though. She got me a new sweatshirt that the AG store gave her when she was purchasing Saige.

Please excuse the mess. We're getting organized and it has to be messy before it gets clean.
Anyways that is all I have to update on. Sorry about the long hold up but I hope it was worth the wait. There's gonna be a new album story coming out soon so don't forget to check that out.
Love ya guys!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'm back!

Hey guyes! Bella here!
I know it's been a very long time. Its been a stressful year but I'm back to bring you new updates!
There's gonna be new photos in Moms Picasa account so make sure you check that out. Also there is gonna be a new edition to the family! Its the new Girl Of the year for 2013 and her name is Saige. Its going to be so exciting and Mom is gonna take a lot of pictures. On another note I'm going to be updating my blog as much as I can. There will be many more adventures to come and possibly more Youtube videos on Moms channel. :) Since Summer is just around the corner I'll have plenty of time to participate in Moms albums and videos.
I'll be updating again soon!
Oh and happy Fathers day to all the wonderful, loving fathers out there.