Thursday, August 27, 2009

Climbing trees!

Today was so fun! It finally cooled down and me an my BFF Mia got to go outside to my favorite tree. Behind my house is a little tree that's so fun to climb and great for shade. We sat under the tree and we played and chat, then we decided to climb it. I never knew Mia was such a good climber. She went all the way to the top of the tree but the problem was that she couldn't get down and I Had to bring out a ladder to get her down. Lol! I would have taken a picture of Mia on the very tippy top of the tree but I was really worried about getting her down. She's really good. I also really loved what she was wearing. Maybe I should borrow that outfit from her. ;)Anyways...Here is a picture of both of us by the tree. Don't you just love Best friends? Do you have any BFF's, and if so who is it? ~Bella

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

McDonald's Toys!

Guess what!? The other day my Sister Lindsey went to the bass pro shop near Gillette stadium (That's where the soccer games are) and then they went to McDonald's and look what she got. There having American girl doll toys at there! Lindsey wasn't too crazy about it, so she gave it to me. There's little paper dolls inside. This one is Kirsten so if you want these little books go to McDonald's and ask for a "girls happy meal." There really fun to read and the paper dolls are fun too.;)Oh and if you want to see the trip with Lindsey and the Bass pro shop you can look on my Albums and find it. ~Bella

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Hot!

It is so hot outside. I wish I could go out and play but my vinyl will soften and melt. Hopefully if it gets cooler or rains I could go out. Good thing my house has air conditioning. I have to sleep downstairs on the couch with mom while all my sisters sleep upstairs in the guest room. The guest room has air conditioning, so it's nice and cool in there. Other then this blistering hot weather, my Sister Lindsey is happy. This is what she looks like. She was watching videos on YouTube, and found a video on how to tighten a dolls neck. (That's if the neck is loose.) Lindsey had that problem ever since she arrived. She asked Mommy if she could tighten her neck string and she agreed. Lindsey looks so much better without that big gap in her neck. Plus her head doesn't wobble. Now my mom won't have to worry when she receives dolls in the mail. ;) ~Bella

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

♥Modeling with Mia♥

Yestorday was sooo much fun. I got to model with my BFF Mia! She is a model too, and loves to ice skate.☺ Our Agent set up a pink flower background and we put on some very flashy outfits. There actually Marisol's clothes, but don't tell her. Mwhahaha! >:D. Anyways the theme is friendship and here are some of the photos. Mia is giving me a pibbyback ride! The shoot was fun and we couldent stop laughing! We put our shoot into an album so make sure to check that out.:) This is such a nice closeup of me and Mia. Don't we look so pretty? It's so nice to do a photoshoot. Especially with your best friend. If you want to see the rest of the pictures you can look on the albums in my favorite links. I always love hearing comments.(Nice ones, of course!) I think Mia enjoyed the photo shoot more the I did. Lol! ~Bella

Monday, August 10, 2009


I've been catching up on my Modeling lately and I thought it would be cool to share one of my photo shoots. In this one, I'm advertising a company called "School Art." It's when a child has there art work printed on something like mugs, tee shirts, posters, and Lots of other stuff. I wanted to show off my giant Tee shirt I did. It's suppose to be a bird. All you do is send in your art work to "School art" and then they'll give you a catalog with a bunch of merchandise on it. You select the product you want and they'll put your art on it! Isn't that cool!? Anyways here are my modeling pictures. I use my giant Tee shirt as pajamas.:) The scenes in my pictures are taken in my mommy's parents bedroom. The colors in the room are just perfect for scenery. As you can see I have my favorite stuffed Unicorn. Her name is Starlight. Here is a closeup! I really like closeups. Everybody can see my beautiful face.;) This one is my favorite. Even though it covers my picture on my tee shirt, I'm suppose to look scared. Like I seen a ghost or something is going to attack me. I really do love to model. When I do it, it just clears everything in my head. It gets me off of my mind of... I can't believe I'm saying her name in this one special post, but Marisol!!! Modeling gets me off of my mind of what happened Last week. Remember when she tied me up and put me in a box. Ugh! Stupid ungrateful...Well you get the point. Anyways it helps me forget about bad memories and lots of other stuff I rather not think about. What do you do to relieve stress? I hope you loved my photos. I'll make sure to post another photo shoot on my blog pretty soon. Bye for now.:) ~Bella

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marisol stricks again!

Marisol is so Evil!!! Here is what happened I walked into my room and nobody was around. All of my other sisters were outside playing Marco Polo, Well I thought Marisol was outside But boy, was I wrong! When I walked in, She came out of no where and jumped on me! She had a bunch of headbands that mom would usually wear. She tied me up with mommy's head bands. She tied my legs, hands, and my mouth. Marisol told me she was going to ship me off to a place called "EBay." That's were the UN-loved,beat up, non-bonding, dolls go! She put me into my original box. I thought I was really going on "EBay" and Never seeing mommy again. Then right at that very moment, Mommy walked into the room. Marisol was caught! She was really mad. Marisol is grounded for a MONTH! It felt so good having those head bands off of my body. Next time I'll watch out before I go to the bedroom, and sleep with one eye open...And laugh, and laugh, and laugh at Marisol. ~Bella

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I've been really getting into photography lately. At first I wasn't sure what to take pictures of,but then my friend Chrissa gave me an Idea! "Why not take pictures of flowers?" Good thing theres Chrissa around. I told my mommy about it and she took me to some places with beautiful flowers. Here are some pics I took while I was there. This one is my favorite! I love little droplets of water on grass and plants. I didn't realize I did such a good job on this photo. This big beautiful flower remines me of the sun. It looks so bright in the middle and it just pops out! I had to be really brave for this one! It's a cute little Bee on a flower! I'm allergic to bee's so mom had to be with me the whole time I was taking the picture. Luckily I didn't get stung. I don't think that little Bee minds. Maybe someday I can sell my photographs. Mommy says I get the photography from her. :) Do any of you guys like doing photography? ~Bella