Saturday, August 1, 2009


I've been really getting into photography lately. At first I wasn't sure what to take pictures of,but then my friend Chrissa gave me an Idea! "Why not take pictures of flowers?" Good thing theres Chrissa around. I told my mommy about it and she took me to some places with beautiful flowers. Here are some pics I took while I was there. This one is my favorite! I love little droplets of water on grass and plants. I didn't realize I did such a good job on this photo. This big beautiful flower remines me of the sun. It looks so bright in the middle and it just pops out! I had to be really brave for this one! It's a cute little Bee on a flower! I'm allergic to bee's so mom had to be with me the whole time I was taking the picture. Luckily I didn't get stung. I don't think that little Bee minds. Maybe someday I can sell my photographs. Mommy says I get the photography from her. :) Do any of you guys like doing photography? ~Bella


  1. Those pictures are beautiful, Bella! You're a really good photographer! My favorite one is the one with the dew drops on the pink flowers. I think you were brave to take the picture with the bee in it. My friend Noelle is allergic to bees, too- she has to be really careful! ;-)


  2. Pretty photos! I like photography, too, although I must say that usually *I* am the subject for photos instead of the other way around. Since you model, I'm sure you know how that is... ;)


  3. Beautiful pictures, Bella! :) I love photography too! I am printing some pictures off as I type :)

    Libby (from Libby&Nicki!)