Thursday, June 4, 2015

Updates and another sister...

I am the worst doll when it comes to updating this blog. It's been waaayyyy too long. A lot has changed since I've last posted. My oldest sister Josefina no longer lives with us. Don't worry she wasn't sold or has a new owner or anything that's drastic. She's staying at Katie's Dad's house (Katie, a.k.a Mom is our owner in case you forgot) Josefina get's to look after the animals while we stay here with all the chaos. In a way I am kinda jealous that Josefina doesn't have to deal with 11 other sisters. Don't get me wrong, I love them to pieces but when the family continues to grow and there's disagreements, it can be chaotic. A year after Katie adopted Jess she went to the American girl Place in Natick and bought Julie. Julie is pretty out there...She's a historical doll from the 70's and she's always in the moment. It's like she's high as a kite but I promise she's not. She just really loves nature and takes everything in. I wish I could be relaxed like Julie especially with this family. The other day Marisol and Mia got in a huge argument. I don't know what it was about but Marisol took Mia's ice skate and threw it at her. Luckily she missed but can you imagine if it did hit her? Hope Katie has the doll hospital on speed dial.

Here's a picture that Julie and I took today. Sometimes her spirit free attitude annoys me but in all honesty I'm a little jealous. She's always so calm when it comes to crazy situations that go on in this family. I don't know how she does it...Maybe when she's in this family longer she'll crack. Watch out Julie because you have no idea what you're getting into. You're going on a wild ride.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Our new sister is here!

Hey dollies and people viewing this blog!
So I have some updates to to tell you about. Mom recently adopted a doll named Jess from this website called eBay. She came a few days ago but she's...different. I don't mean that in a bad way either. Jess came in a small box that she could barely fit in and when Mom opened her, she was really dirty and her hair was a mess. My sisters and I were really surprised. I could hear Lizzie mumble under her breath "Oh my goodness..." and Josefina helped Jess get out of that little box.
Speaking of Josefina her birthday was on the 19th and guess what Mom got her!? A PUPPY! He's so cute! His name is Meatloaf and he's a bulldog.

Here's a picture of Jess and Meatloaf. Jess adores him. She's really nice to talk to but she gets anxious when Mom is at school. I asked Mom why Jess acts like that and Mom told me that Jess has some slight abandonment issues and is still adjusting to this new home. I don't blame her for being overwhelmed in this house. There are so many dolls in the house that won't leave her alone and want to know everything about her. I gave her my personal tour of the house and now she knows where everything is. Sometimes She'll forget my name but it's not a big deal. It just takes some time and eventually, she'll adjust to this new home. :)


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A quick OOTD and Big news!

Hey everyone,
I wanted to do an outfit of the day for dolls getting ready for spring time. This is probably one of my favorite outfits that I put together. :)
I'm wearing a white cardigan with a pink ribbon belt, Light pink beanie, grey leggings, cami, and pink flats.

I got the Cami from a Company called Sophia's that makes all kinds of doll clothes. The Cardigan and hat came together. It's a exclusive from AG and it's called The Sweater Coat Set.

The leggings came from the Star Hoodie outfit and the flats came from an AG outfit called The Heart Dress.
I hope you guys enjoyed my OOTD. I also have some HUGE news! You know how mom is always like "Oh we're not getting any new sisters for a while." I know she could not keep up with that. We're getting another sister but she's much different than us. She's not coming from the AG store or the AG website. She's coming from eBay and I think her name is Jess? She was GOTY for 2006 but Mom never got the chance to get her. I guess it's kind of exciting. I don't know when she'll be coming but Mom says it'll be sometime this month or next month. Lets hope my sisters don't scare her away.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lindsey got new glasses and other news...

Guess who got some new glasses!? My older sister Lindsey did! :) They came in the mail yesterday and She needed some new glasses badly. Mom and I picked them out for her online. They look great on her and she feels like she got a new look.
This is before she got her new glasses... (Could not stand these)

And these are her brand new glasses. I'm pretty sure I love them more than she does but I don't care. She likes them and feels better about herself. Plus she's blind as a bat with the other glasses. She was quite surprised and I loved seeing her reaction. She looked so happy and was eager to put them on. She says they feel different but loves them. Talk about an upgrade! :)
Mom has been investing a lot in us, and by that I mean doll clothes. She bought Josefina some riding boots, Lindsey's glasses, the coral sweater from Isabelle's collection, The sweater coat set she bought from amazon, and she got me pink Uggs that are coming in. :o I feel like she's spoiling us and I kind of feel bad about it but she loves investing her time in us. It's been hard for Mom lately since she moved to a new house and all us dolls can do is be there for her and each other. I'm still adjusting to this house and it's kinda small when you have 11 other sisters and I know for a fact that this doll family will eventually keep growing. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters very much but when you live with so many of them it can hectic and tough. I'll be spending the weekend just me and Mom so I'll be looking forward to that.

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's been a while

Hey guys,
Long time no talk. I miss blogging so much and with all the Google updates it's pretty tricky and annoying but I've managed to get back into things. I have some huge updates for you guys. You all know about the new edition to the family that came to live with us during the Summer (A.K.A Saige) Well she's going to be our last sister for a while. Mom is so overwhelmed on how many dolls live in this house that she's gonna take a break from buying dolls and buy us more clothes! More clothes make a very happy Bella. ;)Lindsey is even getting new glasses (The ones she wears now are kinda...Not cute.) Don't tell her I said that.
Anyways I'll be posting more interesting updates soon. Right now Its dinner time and Pasta is callin my name!
Talk to you guys soon!
Before I do anything else can we all just acknowledge how Ridiculous Lanie looks? Mom curls her hair every month to keep her curls in but I just like making fun of her. Love you Lanie!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our new sister is here!

Hey guys!
Guess what!? Mom went to the AG store in Natick and adopted Saige! I got to meet her and talk to her and shes so cool.

She had her dog Rembrandt, with her and he's so cute! I think we're gonna get along just fne. :)
Mom loves taking pictures of her. She says shes very photogenic and wants to do a shoot with her and I. Here's another picture of her in her new outfit.

I do like that shirt. I might steal it from her. :p Mom did bring me back a surprise though. She got me a new sweatshirt that the AG store gave her when she was purchasing Saige.

Please excuse the mess. We're getting organized and it has to be messy before it gets clean.
Anyways that is all I have to update on. Sorry about the long hold up but I hope it was worth the wait. There's gonna be a new album story coming out soon so don't forget to check that out.
Love ya guys!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'm back!

Hey guyes! Bella here!
I know it's been a very long time. Its been a stressful year but I'm back to bring you new updates!
There's gonna be new photos in Moms Picasa account so make sure you check that out. Also there is gonna be a new edition to the family! Its the new Girl Of the year for 2013 and her name is Saige. Its going to be so exciting and Mom is gonna take a lot of pictures. On another note I'm going to be updating my blog as much as I can. There will be many more adventures to come and possibly more Youtube videos on Moms channel. :) Since Summer is just around the corner I'll have plenty of time to participate in Moms albums and videos.
I'll be updating again soon!
Oh and happy Fathers day to all the wonderful, loving fathers out there.