Friday, January 6, 2012

Updates!!! =D

Hey guys, So I finally got my gift in the mail. It's the cozy sweater outfit! It's so cute and warm. Mia wants to wear it but I don't think I'm going to give it to her anytime soon. Shhhh don't tell Mum. =P Did anyone see the new GOTY McKenna? Kanani is sad that a new GOTY has to come in. Most of the dolls in our house are GOTY's so they always argue with each other on which GOTY is better. It gets old fast. Mom isn't planning on getting McKenna because she's not very original. She looks too much like Chrissa and Elizabeth. My Mom thinks that every GOTY is special and looks different then most of the other dolls (Like Mia, Kanani, Lanie etc.) But McKenna isn't one of them and the prices are getting crazy. She's 105$! Oh well...That's just her opinion on McKenna. What do you think of the new GOTY? Do you like her or are you not too crazy about her? ~Bella♥