Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. It's been a very wonderful Christmas for me and I got to spend it with my family.
I got to help Mom decorate the tree. Mia, Kanani, and Lindsey also helped. =)
Mia was holding up Marisols special ornament. She wanted to do something to it but I told her Mum would be mad...So she left it alone. After we were done decorating the tree we watched "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." Then we went to bed and opend presents today. Mom says my present is coming in the mail. Oh boyyy! =D
Here's our family photo. I'm holding baby Emma because she wouldn't stay still for the camera. Isn't it adorable. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did. <3

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving break!

I finally have Thanksgiving break! So far it's been really fun. Me, Mia, and Kanai had a special sleepover and it was crazy. We danced, played games, and all the other stuff we always do at sleepovers. We played with Kanani's dog Barksee!
Kanani played around with my camera a little bit. She was extremely hyper...Actually "extremely" isn't a big enough word for her. Lets just say we were out of it...
Here is a group picture of all of us in our PJ's. This blog post is gonna be mostly pictures.
This one if one of my favorites. :) Don't we all look so adorable?
May I remind you that we were very hyper. I don't remember what happened here but I think they were wrestling. Even though I find them very VERY strange I love them and I'm very thankful to have such wonderful sisters. Thanksgivng is tomorrow so what are you thankful for?
P.S If you want to see more pictures go here.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! :D

Hey dollies and girlies out there!
Just wanted to with everyone a happy and safe Halloween.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow before Halloween! :o

I can't believe this,
I woke up this morning to find over 12 inches of snow in our backyard! It's not even Halloween yet. I climbed on Moms bed and woke her up to tell her about the snow. She said there was a snow storm last night. This is the first time I've seen a snowy (almost) Halloween. I hope I can still go trick-or-treating with Kanani. I was going to be a nerd and she was going to be a cheerleader. I was nice enough to let her borrow my cheer leading uniform. Even though I really didn't want snow, I went outside anyways.
This is what it looks like outside my backyard. The hill and trees are covered in white, fluffy, sticky, snow. I Kidd you not! It looks more like Christmas then Halloween.
The snow was super deep. It went up to my waist and Mom had to make a path for me to play in. On the picture to your right I'm standing on an upside down boat that has been covered in snow. It was actually more fun to play on the boat because I didn't get soaked in snow.
After all that "snowy fun" I went inside, took off my wet boots and coat, put on Mia's leg warmers, and sat by the snow covered window drinking Mom's homemade Coco.
Even though I love snow and the early Christmas spirit I wish it would come AFTER Halloween. I hope the snow will melt before the spooky holiday arrives. I wonder if they'll be any Trick-or- treaters at our house this year? What are you doing for Halloween OR what are you going to be for Halloween?
Thank you for reading! :]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meeting our new sister

So a few days ago me, Mia, and Mom went to the AG store. We went there to pick up our new sister Kanani. When Mom finally bought her and opended her at home Kanani was excited but overwhelmed at the same time. She's always been in a box and this was new to her. I got to know Kanani and she's really nice. :D We went outside together and talked for hours.
We played in the driveway and she mentioned something about her dog named Barksee and that she misses him. I talked to Mom about it and she said that Barksee is coming in the mail pretty soon. Wow! A new sister and a new dog. :D Not only that but Kanani would make a great modeling buddy.
She's super nice and some of my sisters think she's very photogenic.
We were friends instantly. <3

Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting ready for school :o

Hello everyone,
As you can notice I'm getting ready for school.
Even though I am home schooled, I still have to get ready. I have my laptop, my bible (for comfort), a free reading book, health book, geography book, Math book, notebook, etc. It may look like a lot but it really isn't. I don't need too much stuff since I'm going to be at learning at home.
I start on the 30th of August. It's the same date when Mom starts school. She's also really busy during this time of the month. I hope she can to spend time with me. I've been wanting to go to the AGPNB trip with her in September to pick up our new sister Kanani, but Mia also wants to go and Mom always gives into her.
But anyways back to the school subject... When do you guys start school? If you already started how is it going for you? =)
Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I can't believe what I heard...

Well first I want to start off with some good news. Mom confronted me today and she said she'll be getting our new sister (Kanani) around the end of August or the beginning of September. I was so excited! I love new editions to the family. I was telling Sadie and Chrissa what Mom told me and they're also excited.
We were trying to keep quiet about it because Marisol was in the same room. If we just left she would of followed us. When we thought Marisol didn't care what we were talking about she butts into our conversation. She BEGGED to know what we were talking about. At first we didn't know what to say to her and then Sadie came out with it.
Now the bad news...
Marisol did not want to hear what Sadie told her and she dropped her dance bag that she carried around and ran off. We warned her and she did put it on herself. Typical Marisol right?...Wrong!!! I think something changed her that day. Lizzie decided to talk to her and I heard Marisol's feeling being poured out onto Lizzie.
Marisol felt like she was splitting from her older sisters because of new arrivals. She felt like her Josefina, and Sadie were growing apart and she actually had TEARS in her eyes. Actual tears! Then Elizabeth said that we were all going to be sisters no matter what and that we all love Marisol, and to tell you the truth...I do love Marisol. She's my older sister and even though she can be extremely rude I still care about her.
I just couldn't believe what I heard from her... And then she hugged Elizabeth after!
It was so sweet but I feel kind of bad. Maybe that's why Marisol was so rude. Not just to new dolls but in general. It's still no excuse but maybe if we all start being nice to Marisol then maybe she'll stop being rude. There's more info on a Picasa album on the link bar.
I swear that day her squished-apple of a heart grew a few sizes that day... Like the Grinch. (:
I just hope it grows a little bit bigger or stay a few sizes bigger.
Thanks for reading this post all you dollies out there. Chow!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Could it be?

So yesterday me and my doll Rebecca were in the kitchen and we noticed an open catalog on the table. I climbed up to see if there was anything new in it and I found this. Her name is Kanani and she is Girl of the year for 2011. I figured Mom must of left it open on purpose for the rest of us to look at but then I found something else...
There was a star above Kanani's head? Mom always puts a star on something that she wants to buy? Could it be that we might be getting this girl as our sister? Mom didn't say anything to us. Did she want it to be a surprise? She probably accidentally left it open and she doesn't know that we can climb up onto the counter. There's so many questions running through my head right now. I'm not gonna tell the others because they'll probably spoil it or get there hopes up for nothing. I'm just going to be patient and see if Mom says anything about it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Elizabeth is back from vacation!!!

I'm sooo excited! Elizabeth is finally back from vacation. She told me that she had so much fun at the Cape. There was even a doll store. They're called "Country smiles" They make clothes to fit dolls, sell doll furniture, and even sell dolls! But for a bigger price...
Not only was I excited that Lizzie came back but look what she brought back for me.
It's a brand new backpack for school. I am home schooled and this really helps because Mom does give out a lot of homework. :P Isn't it adorable?
She also gave me some pictures of her at the beach. She said it was a lot of fun but she couldn't get too close to the water because Mom would get scared that she would fall in.
If you look closely you can see Mom holding Elizabeth's hand. Oh Mother, always worrying...
Back in Connecticut, when Elizabeth's whole trip started, Her and Mom got to play on a playground behind the house were they were staying. Lizzie thought it was fun but not as fun as Cape Cod.
Here's Elizabeth on the swings and Mom is in the back holding Elizabeth. Sometimes us dollies have a hard time getting on these kinds of swings. I'm glad Elizabeth had a lot of fun but I'm kind of jealous. :/ That trip looked like so much fun and I had to be stuck with Marisol and the rest of my sisters. Mom says she might take me next year. I sure hope so!!! ;)
I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Thanks for reading! ♥

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lizzie is leaving tomorrow :[

So it turns out that Mom and Lizzie are leaving tomorrow night. D: Why????
I asked Mom that and she says she's going to Connecticut for two nights and then going to Cape Cod for a WEEK! And she still Say's that I can't go... I can't believe that I have to be alone with all of my sisters. It'll be fun but chaotic. Good thing Josefina is in charge instead of Marisol. She tried sucking up to Mom and being all nice to her but it totally turned around. Marisol was disappointed but I don't care. I'm just glad someone more wiser is in charge... and because I don't want to get killed next week by Marisol. Even though I'm really bummed out that I can't go with Mom and Lizzie I hope they have a safe and fun trip. I'll make sure to give Lizzie a hug before she leaves. To all you dollies out there reading my blog: What was your most memorable trip? Leave me a comment and tell me about your trip. ☺

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lucky Elizabeth!

Elizabeth is soooo lucky! She gets to go with Mom to Cape Cod for a week at the beginning of July! I asked Mom if I could go and she tells me it's hard to bring more then one doll to a trip. Plus Mom's friend is going and she's bringing a girl named Felicity. It turns out Felicity is our cousin and one of Lizzie's best friend. You know what's even worse though? I have to be alone with all my sisters and that's not even the bad part. It's an evil sister named Marisol... If Mom puts her in charge she's gonna torture us all. Look what she did to poor Sadie! I pray that she'll put Josefina in charge. She's great at taking care of the animals and all of us including baby Emma.
Isn't she just the sweetest thing?
Anyways I tried begging Mom to go and she still won't let me.... :( She said maybe next year. This July week is going to be very, very, very crazy. Especially with Marisol. What are you dollies doing this summer?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sleepover Disaster!

Hello followers,
So summer is almost here and Mom is getting out of school soon. Me and my sisters get to spend more time with her. Marisol won't get into too much trouble because Mom is watching her all the time. ;) Last night me, Sonali, Sadie, and Chrissa had a sleepover and I was having fun until Sonali spilled water on me and humiliated me. :/ We were playing truth or dare and she made me dance around in my underwear. Not only that but I had to sing 'I'm a pretty pony'.... It was so humiliating. At least it wasn't just me who had to do horrible dares. Sonali ate hamster food, Sadie took Marisol's underwear and got the crap beaten out of her, Chrissa had to look up blue waffle on google (She was scarred for life) and you already know my dare. You're probably wondering how I got water on me that night? Well I was trying to get back at Sonali for making me do that awful dare. I took a mug filled with water and tried putting her hand in it while shewas sleeping. It was suppose to make her wet the bed but instead she caught me and whipped her hand on my face.
Yeah...It was not fun. I'm surprised no one woke up after that little episode. Chrissa talks in her sleep and it's pretty funny. She kept saying "Icee creeeammmmm" in her sleep. To make this post more entertaining here is a picture of Sadie getting beaten up by Marisol.
Eventually Marisol dragged Sadie into her room. It reminded me of one of those horror movies I saw with mom when this girl was getting sucked into a door. It ate her up like nom nom nom!!!
Well that's all I have to type about bloggers. Until next time!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh Massachusetts :/

Oh Massachusetts how I love you... :/
Our weather here has been pretty funky. One day it's boiling hot and the next there's tornado warnings and hail. When it was boiling hot Katie (Mom) had to move me and my sisters from her room to the AC down stairs. She was really concerned about our vinyl. With the tornado warnings she was ready to bring us down in the basement but no tornado came in our town so that's good. Today it's a little bit chilly and rainy. I have nothing to do and I haven't been outside in a while.
I just sit here looking out the window watching the rain fall from the Grey sky. I wish it was perfect weather. Not too hot, sunny, white clouds, blue sky. :P I've also been thinking a lot lately... What do you, my dollie friends, do when you're bored?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome home Lizzie!!!

Hello everyone, Guess what? Elizabeth is here. She likes to be called Lizzie so I'll just call her that. She seems very prim, proper, and very sweet. There was a little bump in the road with her and Marisol but it's all good. I can't tell you how Marisol fixed it because I promised to keep it a secret...Yes I know what you guys are thinking. "Bella why the heck would you want to keep a secret that Marisol told you?" Well guys it's complicated and if you were her you would understand. There is also a new album for the continuation of "Elizabeth part 1" so go check it out. ;) Here are some pictures of Lizzie if you want to see. This is when she first arrived. :) Pretty Lizzie. :)♥ Marisol dragged me and Mia by the pony tails because we were listening at the door while Marisol and Lizzie were talking. (Details are in the album.) I hope you guys had a great day, feel free to leave a comment on the albums or my blog. :) Thanks for reading. ~Bella♥