Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh Massachusetts :/

Oh Massachusetts how I love you... :/
Our weather here has been pretty funky. One day it's boiling hot and the next there's tornado warnings and hail. When it was boiling hot Katie (Mom) had to move me and my sisters from her room to the AC down stairs. She was really concerned about our vinyl. With the tornado warnings she was ready to bring us down in the basement but no tornado came in our town so that's good. Today it's a little bit chilly and rainy. I have nothing to do and I haven't been outside in a while.
I just sit here looking out the window watching the rain fall from the Grey sky. I wish it was perfect weather. Not too hot, sunny, white clouds, blue sky. :P I've also been thinking a lot lately... What do you, my dollie friends, do when you're bored?


  1. Hi Bella,

    It's good to hear from you! Gorgeous photo, BTW.
    Hmm, when I'm bored, I go online. I really need to stop that. :P Something better to do would be to go and hang out with friends!

    ...but, with hot weather, it's really difficult to get motivated to do much of anything.


  2. Long time no talk, my dear! I have FINALLY and I mean FINALLY posted on my blog again if you would like to check it out at (: PS you look sooo pretty in the pic!! :D

  3. Thank you so much Sophie and Mallory.

    Sophie: I totally agree with you. I can't do anything when it's too hot. :P Thanks for the compliment too. <3

    Mallory: I'll make sure to check out your blog. And thank you so much. <3