Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lucky Elizabeth!

Elizabeth is soooo lucky! She gets to go with Mom to Cape Cod for a week at the beginning of July! I asked Mom if I could go and she tells me it's hard to bring more then one doll to a trip. Plus Mom's friend is going and she's bringing a girl named Felicity. It turns out Felicity is our cousin and one of Lizzie's best friend. You know what's even worse though? I have to be alone with all my sisters and that's not even the bad part. It's an evil sister named Marisol... If Mom puts her in charge she's gonna torture us all. Look what she did to poor Sadie! I pray that she'll put Josefina in charge. She's great at taking care of the animals and all of us including baby Emma.
Isn't she just the sweetest thing?
Anyways I tried begging Mom to go and she still won't let me.... :( She said maybe next year. This July week is going to be very, very, very crazy. Especially with Marisol. What are you dollies doing this summer?

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