Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lizzie is leaving tomorrow :[

So it turns out that Mom and Lizzie are leaving tomorrow night. D: Why????
I asked Mom that and she says she's going to Connecticut for two nights and then going to Cape Cod for a WEEK! And she still Say's that I can't go... I can't believe that I have to be alone with all of my sisters. It'll be fun but chaotic. Good thing Josefina is in charge instead of Marisol. She tried sucking up to Mom and being all nice to her but it totally turned around. Marisol was disappointed but I don't care. I'm just glad someone more wiser is in charge... and because I don't want to get killed next week by Marisol. Even though I'm really bummed out that I can't go with Mom and Lizzie I hope they have a safe and fun trip. I'll make sure to give Lizzie a hug before she leaves. To all you dollies out there reading my blog: What was your most memorable trip? Leave me a comment and tell me about your trip. ☺

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  1. Hi Bella,

    Ooh, Cape Cod! Now that's somewhere I've never been. Maybe someday. I hope your mom and Lizzie have a great time. Maybe you could stow away in their luggage?

    My most memorable trip was....well, I'm still on it! I didn't really go anywhere before I left on my traveling adventure. I went to Canada, but I wasn't allowed out of the hotel room. My friend Nathalie was with me, and my teacher said that she couldn't handle the two of us at the same time. Nathalie got to go out, but I didn't. So, my current trip is my most memorable. I've gotten to know so many incredible friends and seen some beautiful places. And it's not even over yet!