Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello dollies, Well today in MA there is a huge snow storm. Mom was going to take me outside but she's afraid I might get hurt from the stinging snow blowing in my face. I did get some good news though. There's gonna be a new edition to the family. Her name is Elizabeth and she's a character like Josefina. She's from 1774. There is an album about it if you want to check it out. There's a link on the side bar that says Albums. Marisol did seem to happy about it as usual. She fainted then Josefina had to help her calm down while Marisol is screaming at her. Yikes!!! I think Lindsey is excited a little bit but not like everyone else. She stayed up late last night and we accidentally woke her up with our yelling. :/ It was 1 in the afternoon though and I was kind of steamed when she went back to bed when I told everyone about Elizabeth, but I just shrugged it off and talked to Sadie, Josie, and Lanie about out new sister. There really good listeners and they kept on asking me questions about Lizzie. I wonder what she'll be like. She looks very prim and proper but you can't judge by looks. (unless you're Marisol, then you're in trouble.) I'm sorry. XD I just had to post the pic when she fainted. She doesn't look at my blog so it's all good. She already got mad at me for wearing her sweater. What can I say? I look great in purple. Mom even agrees. :P So that's about it and like I said check out my mom's albums. Feel free to comment on them too. Bye byez, ~Bella♥

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry christmas!!!

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while and a new year is coming very soon. I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. 2011, only one more year left to live. XD I'm just kidding... Haha! But I hope everyone can be with there families on this wonderful Christmas day. Also, what did you dollies get for Christmas? I got some warm purple pajamas with snowflakes on them. (: My mom also has the same PJ's so that we match. My sister Lindsey is wearing my Pajamas that I got but I don't mind. I have no choice to share my clothes whether I like it or not. :P Anyways, here is a picture of our tree... God bless you all this Christmas!!! ~Bella♥

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy birthday!!!!! :D

Hello everyone!!!!, Today is our owners birthday and she turns 15 today!!! Your never to old for dolls she says. Lets celebrate with this cake: Happy birthday Mom!!! From all of us dolls and bloggers! :) ~Bella

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wow!!! What a great 3 days!!!

For the passed three days my Mom was at NH with her Grandma and cousin. This was great because all of us were home alone. It was SO much fun!!! :D Me and my sisters raid the fridge, had dance parties, got high on SUGAR, and we kina broke something but we weren't sure what it was. If Mom does find something broken and questions about it we just blame Marisol because Mom can always believe that. X) Haha. Marisol was the most destructive one out of all of us. I will never in a million years give Marisol sugar again. I'm still haunted by the images. Hahaha!!! But all of this happened in three days and Mom didn't suspect a thing. She came home yesterday but I never knew it was so fun getting away with stuff. (Depending what it is and as long as it doesn't get you into jail. :P) I wonder if Mom looks at my Blog... o.O If she asks maybe I should blame Marisol saying she stole my password...Then again Mom is smarter then that... Oh well I suffer the consequences. See ya guys. :/ ~Bella♥

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New pictures!!!

Heyyy guys!!!! I finally found my memory card and uploaded my new pics. I'm modeling my new hearts dress while Josefina wears my Safari sundress. :) Don't we look so beautiful. My sundress looked really nice on her. I'm glad I got to share it with her. It's the others I don't like...JK I love my sisters but when there clingy on a dress it gets scary. o.O That was with Josefina. She loves the dress and it looks good on her... but she refuses to take it off. Remember when she tried home schooling? That was way worse. I hope she's not like that with my dress. She can be very possessive with things that don't belong to her. Oh Josie... ~Bella♥

Monday, August 2, 2010

Delay :/

Sorry about the Delay you guys. I keep losing my memory card to my camera. You know how I am with losing stuff. :P I did get the dresses though. I'm wearing my Hearts dress right now. It's really pretty and it expresses my style. I also tried on the Zebra print dress and I love it. It's very comfortable and easy to wear. I have to let Sadie borrow it because she loves it too. :P New pictures of the dresses will be up soon but until I find that memory card, make sure to be patient. Thanks for understanding my dollie followers. ;) ~Bella♥

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New clothes and new website?

Ah, my two favorite words. "New" and "clothes." The good news is that I'm getting the hearts dress I've been wanting for a year now and I'm also getting the Safari Sundress. Mom says that zebra print looks good on me. I'll post some pictures of myself in them when they come. :) Here's some online pics just in case your to lazy to look them up. The bad news is I have to share the dresses. In my family I have to share everything with my sisters. Don't get me wrong I love them, but it can get crazy especially when one wants to wear this and one wants to wear that. :/ To all the dolls that don't have to share clothes...You're lucky. Anyways this brings me to a totally different topic. Did anyone hear about the new AG site they put up? It's called InnerstarU? I'm not too crazy about the whole idea but I can see why young girls might like it. It kind of reminds me of a Webkinz only its a doll. You buy the doll with a code on it, you enter the code to the website, and you can see it online. I want to hear what you guys think of it. Do like it?, love it?, hate it?, whatever we all have different opinions so leave a comment and tell me what you think. :) Chow! ~Bella♥

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chrissa's going to Cape Cod!

Hey everyone!, My sister Chrissa is going to Cape Cod this Friday. She's gonna be gone for a week!!! That is such a long time for me. I'm gonna miss her so much. :'( She's bringing her Llama with her too. She's really excited about it and she said she's gonna miss me too, and the rest of our sisters of course. Everyone is going to say there goodbyes...Except for Marisol because she's mean. :P I don't think she cares that Chrissa will be gone for a week. Speaking of Marisol I wonder if she trolled on the internet? Mom never lets the happen but I can picture Marisol sitting at the computer ticking people off. She already ticks people off at our house. My question for you today is, What is one thing you can't stand about trolling? Do you hate it when they do it to hurt others or just to get amusement out of it? Just write ur comments down below. ;) Lets make the internet a safe place. ~Bella♥

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long gone. :/

Hey guys, Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I forgot about this blog and just remembered it. Everyone is doing great and I just got out of home schooling. :) Summer starts tomorrow so break out the sunscreen and bathing suits because this is going to be an awesome summer! My mom went to the beach on Friday and said it was really fun. She would have taken me with her, but she was scared of the salt water getting into me. She said she accidentally got salt water in her mouth while diving into a wave, and it tastes wicked bad. :P Mom officially graduated 8th grade and is going to become a freshman. Yea for Mom!!! :D I'm going into 5th grade and I hope it goes well when I come back. I'll write back soon. ~Bella♥

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Album 8-)

Hello everybody, Yesterday me and some of my sisters made an album. It's called "Oh no Rascal!" We hope you enjoy it since we haven't made an album in a while. Here are some sneak peek pictures that are from the album. No dolls were harmed emotionally in the making of this album. Those are the only pictures I can give you. If you want to see the rest then you have to look at the album. ;) We all worked very hard for this album so no rude comments please. Thank you! ~Bella

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter pictures!

Hello everybody! I took some pictures at the party on Easter. It was so much fun. There was great food, fun games, and Kit! She was really happy to see me. She been very sad lately because her cat died. She was 18 years old and her name was Missy. At least she still has her two other cats Maddie and Mia. We had a lot of food at the party and stuffed our faces with sugar. I ate jelly beans. Mom got mad though, because I was on the table. When Mom left me and Kit took a picture of peeps before we devowerd them. ;) Mom was wondering why I couldn't sleep. I didn't feel that great in the morning. :P At least I got to see Kit and everyone else in the family. I remember when they were still there. Lol! ~Bella

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!! 8D

Hello dolls, and doll lovers of the world! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope the Easter bunny dropped by your house. ;) Today I'm going with Mom to her grandmothers and Cousin Kit is going to be there! You guys remember her right? If you don't you can check out my albums or scroll down my blog. She's really awesome and I can't wait to see her again. I'll make sure to post some pictures when I get back or tomorrow. Depending on when I get home. All the other dolls are staying behind because it's hard for Mom to watch all of us. There are still no clues with the Marisol and Lanie situation but I'll try to figure out something. In the mean time have a great Easter and spend it with the family you love. ♥ ~Bella

Monday, March 22, 2010

OK. so I told Lanie about my suspension of Marisol and we decided to investigate together. We read some "Nancy Drew" books and began investigating. Just like Nancy Drew we had to be very sneaky. Marisol was with Sadie and we snuck up behind them. Marisol and Sadie were on top of a table and me and Lanie were up against it listening to there conversation. We didn't hear much but that was just enough. Marisol was whispering to Sadie and we heard her say "You have to swear not to tell anyone, especially Bella. She's all Buddy-buddy with Curly-Q." Lanie gasped but I covered her mouth just in time before Sadie and Marisol could hear. Sadie promised not to tell anyone and the pinky swore. You can never ever break a pinky promise. Thats against the friendship code! Whatever Marisol is up too it obviously has to do with Lanie and I'm gonna find out! ~Bella

Monday, March 15, 2010

Maybe things will turn out OK...

Two Weeks ago I told you what happened to Marisol. Well things have gotten a little better. Mom managed to get in her room with Marisol in it and there was no yelling or things being thrown. I'm not sure what Mom said but Marisol stopped being mean to Lanie. She's actually nice to her. Too nice. It's kinda creepy and I think she's up to something. I just have this gut feeling that Marisol is going to do something way worse to Lanie. Usually Marisol can be nice but only when she wants something or bribes. I warned Lanie and she said she's starting to get a little suspicious. I asked Mom and she said she's been pretty good lately. She's even being nicer to the other dolls. O_o What is going on with Marisol. She's never THIS nice and she has a look in her eye like she's gonna do something bad. I just hope she doesn't go too far. I don't want Lanie getting hurt or my other sisters. Me and Lanie are gonna watch her but keep our distances, because Marisol will suspect something. Good thing she doesn't look at my Blog... ~Bella

Thursday, March 4, 2010

*Sigh* Poor Marisol

I can't believe I'm saying this but I feel bad for Marisol. She's embarrassed about getting pansted by Lanie and she won't talk to anyone. Not even Sonali or Josefina and there her Best friends. She locked herself in Mom's room and won't come out. I put my ear up against the door and it sounds like she's crying. Last time when someone got the door open, Marisol got peeved and and threw pillows all over the place. :/ I would have taken a picture of Marisol crying, but I don't want to embarrass her more or open the door. I did however, take a picture of all of us outside the door trying to get in the room. Mom kept Baby Emma with her, that way she won't start crying if we open the door and Marisol get mad. Mom got Marisol to open the door just now, and I hope she can calm her down. ~Bella

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spending time with Lanie+Marisol=Bad!

Today I decided to spend a little time with Lanie. Ever since she arrived we became closer and Marisol became meaner. Marisol was coming up with nick names for Lanie like Taylor swift, Blondie, etc. Well Lanie took it personally. We were playing truth or dare with Chrissa and this is what happened... We were all crowded in a circle playing Truth or Dare. Chrissa asked asked "Lanie, Truth or Dare?" Lanie picked Dare and Chrissa saw Marisol talking to Sonali. They were laughing and pointing at Chrissa. Lanie asked what was wrong and she looked at Sonali and Marisol. Lanie was disgusted! Lanie went over to the two girls and glared at them. Marisol said "What do you want Blondie!?" Lanie got down on her knees and she pulled down Marisol pants! That's right Ladies and gentlemen. Marisol got Pantsed!!! Marisol was really Angry. She tried to chase Lanie but Lanie ran and Marisol tripped on her pants. I have such weird sisters. I guess Lanie doesn't take crap from anybody. :/ ~Bella

Saturday, February 13, 2010

*February Vacation*

It's finally February Vacation. I get a whole week off from homeschooling :)I can take a break and just relax. I asked mom if I could go outside and play and she said it was OK. I got to make a snow angel. Mia also had a chance to go ice skating. She showed me some really cool trick. She can do some spins, turns, flips, and jumps. I never knew she was that good. She looks so pretty in that dress. I wish I could wear that. Atleast I'm on vacation. ~Bella

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lanie is here!!!

My sister arrived last night! She is really nice and likes her new home. She seems to like the outdoors, considering she kept on asking Mama is she can go outside. She also has really pretty clothes and a pet bunny named Lulu. Ever since she arrived Marisol didnt make a comment about her...Well except she called her Blondie, Taylor swift, and Lamie.I think she's been reading Angry Jess's blog. Other then that Marisol been quiet. Here's a few pics of Lanie. I like playing with her Bunny Lulu. She's just so cute. :3 ~Bella

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today was a really awesome Birthday. I finally turned 11 and I celebrated it with my wonderful sisters. And Mariosl didn't crash it. Here are some pictures from my Birthday Party. Here's me and my BFF Mia. This was the beginning of the party and I'm glad she came. Here's me and my pretty dress and crown. I thought the crown was a good touch with my dress. Besides...It is my B-day. The cake was SO good. Mama made it herself and it tasted like Peanut butter. Everybody else loved it too and they all sang "Happy Birthday" to me. After the cake it was time to open Presents. Mama could only afford two presents this year because money isn't that good but I'm still happy with my presents. It was Sketchers sneakers! There black and sparkly and there really cool looking. Sonali has a pair herself, only hers are Orange. The other present I got was from my sisters and they were Domino's :) When Mama is at school we can play with these in her room. But the best part about my birthday was dancing with my sisters. Sadie turned on Mama's stereo and we cranked up the music really loud. ^_^ And that was my whole Birthday. I'm another year older, I spent time with my friends/sisters and it was just plan fun. I wonder what will happen next year when I turn 12? ;) Ha ha. Goodbye! ~Bella

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Birthday is coming up! :D

As some of you may know, My birthday is on the 28th! I've been preparing for it and I'm very excited. I'm going to have a party. It's going to be so much fun and I already gave out invitations. Mama even helped me picking out a dress. There's a whole big bag were Mama keeps all of my clothes and my sister's clothes. I chose a white dress that has a little bit of gold in it and its very pretty. I can picture myself in this beautiful dress already. It's so exciting and I want to look really beautiful for my party. Here is the detail on the dress. The one I've been more focused on though, is the guest list. You want to invite your friends but don't let your Mama write down the people you don't like. Notice Marisol isn't on the list. Ha ha! I thought so. I do NOT want her at my party. She'll probably try to ruin my dress or something. Also Lanie isn't going to be here for a while and it's taking longer then I thought. If she arrives around my birthday then she's on the guest list. Goodbye 10 hello 11! ~Bella

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yay!!!! I'm sooo happy.

Hello everybody, I'm getting a brand new sister and her name is Lanie! :D She'll be here in a week or less and she's in the starter collection. She'll be bringing two of her outfits, accessories, and two books. Mama also ordered her pajamas too. I told all my sisters and there already getting ready for the arrival. Well...except for Marisol. She doesn't like new dolls and she says its her job to make the new girls life miserable when she firsts walks in. What does he have against new dolls!? Mama told me that she used to like new arrivals but ever since Mia arrived in 2008 she's been different. Anyways here are pictures of what Mama ordered. I love her pajama's. Maybe I can ask if I can borrow them. Ha ha! This is what she is coming in. She even has a laptop! :o Marisol is going to be so jealous. Hope she doesn't steal it. ~Bella