Monday, March 15, 2010

Maybe things will turn out OK...

Two Weeks ago I told you what happened to Marisol. Well things have gotten a little better. Mom managed to get in her room with Marisol in it and there was no yelling or things being thrown. I'm not sure what Mom said but Marisol stopped being mean to Lanie. She's actually nice to her. Too nice. It's kinda creepy and I think she's up to something. I just have this gut feeling that Marisol is going to do something way worse to Lanie. Usually Marisol can be nice but only when she wants something or bribes. I warned Lanie and she said she's starting to get a little suspicious. I asked Mom and she said she's been pretty good lately. She's even being nicer to the other dolls. O_o What is going on with Marisol. She's never THIS nice and she has a look in her eye like she's gonna do something bad. I just hope she doesn't go too far. I don't want Lanie getting hurt or my other sisters. Me and Lanie are gonna watch her but keep our distances, because Marisol will suspect something. Good thing she doesn't look at my Blog... ~Bella

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  1. Nice? Marisol? Weird! But cool post anyway. I hope that Marisol does not do anything to Lanie. I agree with you. It is a good thing Marisol does not look at your blog...That would be a BIG problem. Well, anyway, I think your blog is really cool. I can't wait for the next post!!!!!