Monday, March 22, 2010

OK. so I told Lanie about my suspension of Marisol and we decided to investigate together. We read some "Nancy Drew" books and began investigating. Just like Nancy Drew we had to be very sneaky. Marisol was with Sadie and we snuck up behind them. Marisol and Sadie were on top of a table and me and Lanie were up against it listening to there conversation. We didn't hear much but that was just enough. Marisol was whispering to Sadie and we heard her say "You have to swear not to tell anyone, especially Bella. She's all Buddy-buddy with Curly-Q." Lanie gasped but I covered her mouth just in time before Sadie and Marisol could hear. Sadie promised not to tell anyone and the pinky swore. You can never ever break a pinky promise. Thats against the friendship code! Whatever Marisol is up too it obviously has to do with Lanie and I'm gonna find out! ~Bella


  1. Oh wow...I hope Marisol's not planning to pull a prank on Lanie or anything like that. I mean, a practical joke can be just that - a joke - but Marisol doesn't sound like she's joking around at all.


  2. EEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! I really hope Marisol does not do anything to Lanie. I don't want to see her get hurt. IDK what i would do if i were in that situation.