Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lindsey got new glasses and other news...

Guess who got some new glasses!? My older sister Lindsey did! :) They came in the mail yesterday and She needed some new glasses badly. Mom and I picked them out for her online. They look great on her and she feels like she got a new look.
This is before she got her new glasses... (Could not stand these)

And these are her brand new glasses. I'm pretty sure I love them more than she does but I don't care. She likes them and feels better about herself. Plus she's blind as a bat with the other glasses. She was quite surprised and I loved seeing her reaction. She looked so happy and was eager to put them on. She says they feel different but loves them. Talk about an upgrade! :)
Mom has been investing a lot in us, and by that I mean doll clothes. She bought Josefina some riding boots, Lindsey's glasses, the coral sweater from Isabelle's collection, The sweater coat set she bought from amazon, and she got me pink Uggs that are coming in. :o I feel like she's spoiling us and I kind of feel bad about it but she loves investing her time in us. It's been hard for Mom lately since she moved to a new house and all us dolls can do is be there for her and each other. I'm still adjusting to this house and it's kinda small when you have 11 other sisters and I know for a fact that this doll family will eventually keep growing. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters very much but when you live with so many of them it can hectic and tough. I'll be spending the weekend just me and Mom so I'll be looking forward to that.

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's been a while

Hey guys,
Long time no talk. I miss blogging so much and with all the Google updates it's pretty tricky and annoying but I've managed to get back into things. I have some huge updates for you guys. You all know about the new edition to the family that came to live with us during the Summer (A.K.A Saige) Well she's going to be our last sister for a while. Mom is so overwhelmed on how many dolls live in this house that she's gonna take a break from buying dolls and buy us more clothes! More clothes make a very happy Bella. ;)Lindsey is even getting new glasses (The ones she wears now are kinda...Not cute.) Don't tell her I said that.
Anyways I'll be posting more interesting updates soon. Right now Its dinner time and Pasta is callin my name!
Talk to you guys soon!
Before I do anything else can we all just acknowledge how Ridiculous Lanie looks? Mom curls her hair every month to keep her curls in but I just like making fun of her. Love you Lanie!