Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chrissa's going to Cape Cod!

Hey everyone!, My sister Chrissa is going to Cape Cod this Friday. She's gonna be gone for a week!!! That is such a long time for me. I'm gonna miss her so much. :'( She's bringing her Llama with her too. She's really excited about it and she said she's gonna miss me too, and the rest of our sisters of course. Everyone is going to say there goodbyes...Except for Marisol because she's mean. :P I don't think she cares that Chrissa will be gone for a week. Speaking of Marisol I wonder if she trolled on the internet? Mom never lets the happen but I can picture Marisol sitting at the computer ticking people off. She already ticks people off at our house. My question for you today is, What is one thing you can't stand about trolling? Do you hate it when they do it to hurt others or just to get amusement out of it? Just write ur comments down below. ;) Lets make the internet a safe place. ~Bella♥


  1. Lucky Chrissa! I hope she has fun at Cape Cod and takes lots of pictures to share. I've still not been to Cape Cod.

    Internet trolling? It's annoying, and the people who do it have nothing better to do with their time. They may be passive aggressive in nature and just want to purposely anger people, to purposely get a rise out of people. It's their idea of "fun" on the internet, and the best way to get them to stop is to simply ignore them!


  2. I agree with everything you just said Sophie. That's what I usually do. They want you to get mad. If you ignore them your not giving them what they want. :)

  3. Totally, Sophie! So true! Have I mentioned that I love this blog?!?!?! It's completely awesome!!! How do you get your blog to have some many people looking at it? I have a blog, but hardly anyone looks at it? Could you help me out? Maybe even check it out yourself? Thanks so much! Love you!