Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yay!!!! I'm sooo happy.

Hello everybody, I'm getting a brand new sister and her name is Lanie! :D She'll be here in a week or less and she's in the starter collection. She'll be bringing two of her outfits, accessories, and two books. Mama also ordered her pajamas too. I told all my sisters and there already getting ready for the arrival. Well...except for Marisol. She doesn't like new dolls and she says its her job to make the new girls life miserable when she firsts walks in. What does he have against new dolls!? Mama told me that she used to like new arrivals but ever since Mia arrived in 2008 she's been different. Anyways here are pictures of what Mama ordered. I love her pajama's. Maybe I can ask if I can borrow them. Ha ha! This is what she is coming in. She even has a laptop! :o Marisol is going to be so jealous. Hope she doesn't steal it. ~Bella


  1. Awesome! Let us know when Lanie arrives and how you like her!


  2. Congratulations! I love getting new sisters! :-)