Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello dollies, Well today in MA there is a huge snow storm. Mom was going to take me outside but she's afraid I might get hurt from the stinging snow blowing in my face. I did get some good news though. There's gonna be a new edition to the family. Her name is Elizabeth and she's a character like Josefina. She's from 1774. There is an album about it if you want to check it out. There's a link on the side bar that says Albums. Marisol did seem to happy about it as usual. She fainted then Josefina had to help her calm down while Marisol is screaming at her. Yikes!!! I think Lindsey is excited a little bit but not like everyone else. She stayed up late last night and we accidentally woke her up with our yelling. :/ It was 1 in the afternoon though and I was kind of steamed when she went back to bed when I told everyone about Elizabeth, but I just shrugged it off and talked to Sadie, Josie, and Lanie about out new sister. There really good listeners and they kept on asking me questions about Lizzie. I wonder what she'll be like. She looks very prim and proper but you can't judge by looks. (unless you're Marisol, then you're in trouble.) I'm sorry. XD I just had to post the pic when she fainted. She doesn't look at my blog so it's all good. She already got mad at me for wearing her sweater. What can I say? I look great in purple. Mom even agrees. :P So that's about it and like I said check out my mom's albums. Feel free to comment on them too. Bye byez, ~Bella♥

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  1. Hi Bella!
    That is cool you're getting a new sister! We are getting a new sister too,except mom won't tell us who. :( We'll find out soon though...
    Kristy (#25)