Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Could it be?

So yesterday me and my doll Rebecca were in the kitchen and we noticed an open catalog on the table. I climbed up to see if there was anything new in it and I found this. Her name is Kanani and she is Girl of the year for 2011. I figured Mom must of left it open on purpose for the rest of us to look at but then I found something else...
There was a star above Kanani's head? Mom always puts a star on something that she wants to buy? Could it be that we might be getting this girl as our sister? Mom didn't say anything to us. Did she want it to be a surprise? She probably accidentally left it open and she doesn't know that we can climb up onto the counter. There's so many questions running through my head right now. I'm not gonna tell the others because they'll probably spoil it or get there hopes up for nothing. I'm just going to be patient and see if Mom says anything about it.

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