Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meeting our new sister

So a few days ago me, Mia, and Mom went to the AG store. We went there to pick up our new sister Kanani. When Mom finally bought her and opended her at home Kanani was excited but overwhelmed at the same time. She's always been in a box and this was new to her. I got to know Kanani and she's really nice. :D We went outside together and talked for hours.
We played in the driveway and she mentioned something about her dog named Barksee and that she misses him. I talked to Mom about it and she said that Barksee is coming in the mail pretty soon. Wow! A new sister and a new dog. :D Not only that but Kanani would make a great modeling buddy.
She's super nice and some of my sisters think she's very photogenic.
We were friends instantly. <3

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  1. Kanani is pretty. =)
    P.S. My Kanani says hi.