Thursday, August 27, 2009

Climbing trees!

Today was so fun! It finally cooled down and me an my BFF Mia got to go outside to my favorite tree. Behind my house is a little tree that's so fun to climb and great for shade. We sat under the tree and we played and chat, then we decided to climb it. I never knew Mia was such a good climber. She went all the way to the top of the tree but the problem was that she couldn't get down and I Had to bring out a ladder to get her down. Lol! I would have taken a picture of Mia on the very tippy top of the tree but I was really worried about getting her down. She's really good. I also really loved what she was wearing. Maybe I should borrow that outfit from her. ;)Anyways...Here is a picture of both of us by the tree. Don't you just love Best friends? Do you have any BFF's, and if so who is it? ~Bella


  1. I do love friends, Sisters In ♥, actually. I really love my two best friends. Mia-she even looks a little like your Mia!-and Kathryn (Kitty),

  2. It looks like you two had a great time climbing trees! Great pics :-) Your hair looks so cute Bella- I love the blue ribbon pigtails!


  3. That seemed awesome. My BFF is Julie and Chrissa.


  4. That looks like it was really fun, Bella! You took great pictures! ;-)