Monday, August 10, 2009


I've been catching up on my Modeling lately and I thought it would be cool to share one of my photo shoots. In this one, I'm advertising a company called "School Art." It's when a child has there art work printed on something like mugs, tee shirts, posters, and Lots of other stuff. I wanted to show off my giant Tee shirt I did. It's suppose to be a bird. All you do is send in your art work to "School art" and then they'll give you a catalog with a bunch of merchandise on it. You select the product you want and they'll put your art on it! Isn't that cool!? Anyways here are my modeling pictures. I use my giant Tee shirt as pajamas.:) The scenes in my pictures are taken in my mommy's parents bedroom. The colors in the room are just perfect for scenery. As you can see I have my favorite stuffed Unicorn. Her name is Starlight. Here is a closeup! I really like closeups. Everybody can see my beautiful face.;) This one is my favorite. Even though it covers my picture on my tee shirt, I'm suppose to look scared. Like I seen a ghost or something is going to attack me. I really do love to model. When I do it, it just clears everything in my head. It gets me off of my mind of... I can't believe I'm saying her name in this one special post, but Marisol!!! Modeling gets me off of my mind of what happened Last week. Remember when she tied me up and put me in a box. Ugh! Stupid ungrateful...Well you get the point. Anyways it helps me forget about bad memories and lots of other stuff I rather not think about. What do you do to relieve stress? I hope you loved my photos. I'll make sure to post another photo shoot on my blog pretty soon. Bye for now.:) ~Bella


  1. Cute pictures! :)
    When I want to relieve stress, I find that going on the internet is a perfect solution--but only if I'm not doing homework. Or sometimes I'll just chill out in my room and write in my journal or read.


  2. I loved the pictures, Bella! ;-) You are a really good model.
    To relieve stress I write my feelings in a journal or I sing a song!