Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Hot!

It is so hot outside. I wish I could go out and play but my vinyl will soften and melt. Hopefully if it gets cooler or rains I could go out. Good thing my house has air conditioning. I have to sleep downstairs on the couch with mom while all my sisters sleep upstairs in the guest room. The guest room has air conditioning, so it's nice and cool in there. Other then this blistering hot weather, my Sister Lindsey is happy. This is what she looks like. She was watching videos on YouTube, and found a video on how to tighten a dolls neck. (That's if the neck is loose.) Lindsey had that problem ever since she arrived. She asked Mommy if she could tighten her neck string and she agreed. Lindsey looks so much better without that big gap in her neck. Plus her head doesn't wobble. Now my mom won't have to worry when she receives dolls in the mail. ;) ~Bella


  1. It is so hot here, too! I went camping this weekend and I was practically sweating. ;-) Lindsey is a very pretty doll- I love her green eyes! It's cool that your mommy learned how to tighten necks on dolls. My friend Jane's neck is a bit loose. I'll try looking for that clip on YouTube so Sunny could maybe do it ;-)


  2. Lindsey is so pretty! Isn't she hot in that green shirt, though?

    Neck strings can sure be tricky. My classmate Lindsey's broke off a bit when we tried to tighten it. Oops...


  3. She was wearing this outfit around the fall so the picture is a little old, but she still looks the same. She doesen't like having her picture taken but she just can't admit that she looks good in photographs. ;)

  4. It's 100 here right now. We don't go outside either.

  5. Hi Bella! I've been reading your blog for a while now, so I just wanted to comment! I love your blog and I'm following it!

    I'm glad your sister got her neck strings tightened!


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