Wednesday, August 12, 2009

♥Modeling with Mia♥

Yestorday was sooo much fun. I got to model with my BFF Mia! She is a model too, and loves to ice skate.☺ Our Agent set up a pink flower background and we put on some very flashy outfits. There actually Marisol's clothes, but don't tell her. Mwhahaha! >:D. Anyways the theme is friendship and here are some of the photos. Mia is giving me a pibbyback ride! The shoot was fun and we couldent stop laughing! We put our shoot into an album so make sure to check that out.:) This is such a nice closeup of me and Mia. Don't we look so pretty? It's so nice to do a photoshoot. Especially with your best friend. If you want to see the rest of the pictures you can look on the albums in my favorite links. I always love hearing comments.(Nice ones, of course!) I think Mia enjoyed the photo shoot more the I did. Lol! ~Bella


  1. Sweet, I love these! :) I especially love the piggyback ride in the first photo-that is really cute.

    It's so funny that you look a lot like me and that your best friend looks almost identical to my best friend, hehe.


  2. You two are so pretty! I love the 2nd picture!

  3. Those are very cute photos! My favorite is the piggyback ride one. Very good modeling ;-)