Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to school...Well home school.

Today was my first day of School. I'm home schooled, so It's not that much of a big deal. The reason I'm home schooled is because my mom doesn't have time to take me to a public school because she goes to one. My older sister Josefina teaches me and the rest of my sisters. Josefina is a great teacher, but...She can go overboard. Marisol asked if she could go use the bathroom and Josefina got mad and made her wear a "Dunce" cap and sit in a corner. Josefina thinks Marisol is trying to get out of class. Josefina was losing it! She started punishing everybody if they didn't get a question right. I was able to sneak way quickly and quietly. Today was a little suckish. Other then that, mom is going back to school tomorrow. I'll be home alone with my sisters. Hopefully tomorrow will be better...or worse. ~Bella


  1. That is so mean! Poor Marisol! :-( Maybe you could tell your mom about Josefina and she could try to persuade her into being a bit less strict at home schooling.


  2. Marisol is a little bit like Rebecca. Rebecca had to wear the dunce cap in her school book. ;) Luckily we don't have dunce caps here--just sentence-writing and student council (where the students decide the punishment for someone in the wrong).


  3. Awwww I'm sorry Bella! Spencer is homeschooled, but her mom homeschools her. Poor Marisol! At least it wasn't you.