Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Doll!

Hey everyone, Today was mom's birthday and she got some money...enough to buy another doll. She's going to order a girl named "Sonali" If you have trouble pronouncing her name this is how It's pronounced: Suh-nal-lee. She is one of Chrissa's best friends. I hope she's nice. This is what she looks like. I heard she had a reputation of being mean, but changed. BOY I already have Marisol to ruin my life. Plus my Bossy older sister of a home-school teacher still won't settle down with her teachings. :( What if Marisol and Sonali join together and start to beat up on me? (Then again, Sonali does have Chrissa.) Sonali used to have some friends named Tara and jadyen and they would gang up on Chrissa. I remember in the movie that she did change. I hope Sonali is just like the Sonali from the movie. ~Bella


  1. Sonali is a really pretty doll! Tell your mom I said "Happy Birthday!" ;-)


  2. hi sonali is pretty i'm sure you will be good friends!!!! tell your mom i said happy b-day!!!!!!!! mine was wednesday!!!!

  3. I hope Sonali is nice. Happy Birthday, and congrats on the new doll.