Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mia is in Rhode Island!

My Best friend in the whole world left yesterday. That's because she's on vacation. She E-mailed me saying the the traffic is crazy! Most people go to Cape cod for there vacation.Can you imagine the traffic there?! Anyways, she sent me some pictures from her trip. She stayed at a Hotel called "America's best quality Inn" The only important thing to Mia is that the room is clean and it's cheap. It was a two star hotel, but she doesn't care. I heard the beds were super comfy. I couldn't come because I had home school and and this was Mia's special time. Mia just didn't stay at a hotel the whole time though. She actually visited a Newport and there was a beautiful dock with a bunch of boats. Mia is so lucky! Maybe I should have a special time with myself. Mia also said that the water at the dock gets high in the morning but gets lower during the afternoon. She'll be back in 4 days. ~Bella

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