Thursday, September 3, 2009

My new AG doll!

OMG! I'm SO happy right now. My mom says I've been really good with my home schooling, and she gave me...*Drumroll*......REBECCA!!!!!!! She is so pretty and she's the new Historical doll. I've always wanted an AG doll. She's from 1914 and has curly brown hair and Hazel eyes. She's Russian-Jewish and growing up in New york city. I just started reading her book. I can't believe how happy I am! :D Here is a picture of me and my new friend.;)


  1. She's so cute! Congrats!

  2. she is so adorable! congrats! ps. your mom is so lucky to have a daughter that actually goes along with the home two girls Evelyn and Zanisa act up all the time..i hope that when heather comes that that changes..