Sunday, July 26, 2009

Went to a Craft fair and museum.

Yesterday was so fun. I would have posted yesterday, but I was to tired to even talk. I went to a craft show with my mom and there was so much. They didn't have any doll clothes though. Oh well. There was even a museum across the street from the fair. It talks about a lot of history and the town we were at. These are some people setting up there stuff in there tents. It was a little chilly in the morning, but then it got really warm in towards the day. I even got to meet these golden retrievers that were so soft and beautiful,they didn't even eat me. Aren't they SO cute? They look so happy! After that morning it turned afternoon really quick. It got really hot so I got some Oreo Ice cream and went to the museum across the street. I learned so much about that town. There was this really creepy looking doll that's more then 50 years old. She looks possessed. I'm glad I don't look like that. These are some really old medicine and poison bottles. See? Poison. That bottle looks scary. And look! One of those really old type writers. There just like ours but bigger and more bulkier.;) It was a really good day. It felt so good to get home and change my clothes.Hopefully I'll go to another craft show with mom. ~Bella


  1. Cool! :D That doll is creepy but if you fixed her eyes, she would look pretty!:D

  2. Hey Bella!
    awww! Those dogs are SO cute! That's good that they didn't eat you...:D And you're right, that doll is very scary! I wonder if she has a desease....I'm glad you had a good time!

  3. Hi, I'm Cali. I really like your blog! I agree- that doll does look possessed! Us AG dolls are much prettier! By the way, I enjoy craft sales, too. Sometimes my grandma and mom take me with them. Hope you had fun!