Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meeting my new cousin! :D

I was really excited yesterday! I got to meet my cousin. Her name is kit. She is a historical and wants to be a reporter. I got to meet her because her mommy is at New Hampshire and Kit guards the house while she's gone. Sometimes she can get lonely that's when I stepped in. This is me walking to her house. When I got there I knocked on her door a few times, but no body answered. The door was open so I walked inside. It was a cozy home. I figured she would be in her mom's room. She was! Kit was really excited to see me. We got along great! We got to talk about a lot of stuff. She gave me a tour around the house and apologised, because she didn't hear me at the door. Kit is even the same age as me! Later we got to watch TV in her living room. I got to teach her about a lot of stuff that's popular "Today" I turned on Sponge Bob and she loved it! We got to dance around to one episode and and being funny. We did one thing that our mommy's would never let us do. Climb on the Cat tower. Kit has some kitties but her mom took them to new Hampshire. I We had to take off our shoes so when we climb on each other it won't hurt. I got to the very top and Kit is in the middle. It was SO much fun! Then mommy told us to get down. After that daring adventure we got to play hide and seek. I think I'm a very good hider but Kit found me! I was hiding in a video basket. It was still fun,though. The hard part was saying goodbye. I didn't want to leave but I knew I couldn't stay. Mommy told me that I will see her again someday. I didn't realise I could get so close to a cousin. But she's my cousin and I know I will see her again. ~Bella

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  1. Hey Bella!
    I'm so glad you had fun with Kit! Your cousin looks alot like my friend Kit!