Monday, July 20, 2009

Ugh! Marisol! >:(

Today wasent really that good. My mommy had to go to a summer program for 45 minuets and I was stuck with the rest of my sisters. Thats not bad but one of my sisters is mean to me. She is the second oldest and her name is Marisol. She is always talking about herself, does NOT like new dolls, and and keeps bragging about that she's Girl of the year, or something like that. She thinks shes super rare because she was made in 2005. Big whoop!! Lindsey was GOTY for 2001. Look at her now. I should tell what happend when mom was at the summer program. I was sitting on the bed talking to Lindsey (#19). She is older then me by two years and she's nice to me. Well Marisol came over and said "Lindsey why are you hanging out with a loser like HER! She's not even pretty!" What did she just say!? OMG I wanted to claw her eyes out but then Lindsey held me back! Marisol is a total brat and I dont like her! "Hate" is a really strong word. I heard it took her three months to get along with Chrissa. Good thing Mia's hockey stick was around. But once again Lindsey stoped me.I wish I could do something with Marisol. I dont' want to kill her I just want her to know what it's like being picked on. I am SOOOO NOT ugly. If I was ugly I wouldent even be a model. Is Marisol a Model!? NOOOO! I am soo mad! Once again I don't like her! ~Bella


  1. Hi! You all have such smooth hair :) I'm Mia. I really like your blog!

  2. LOL, Marisol should meet my classmate Lindsey! She really DOES think she's special because she was the first LE girl. There's a girl who looks like Marisol here, too; though-only her name is Chiara and she's Italian. She's not *too* stuck-up.