Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas list + Pics!

Hello people, Today I was talking to mommy and she said I should make a Christmas list. I don't want to ask too much because I know mom doesn't have a lot of money. Here is the list. 1.New sneakers 2.clothes from AG 3.A new toy 4.Lots of love The fourth on I already have but nothing wrong with wanting more love from the people that are awesome. Me and my sisters already got out Christmas pictures taken. There all very wintery looking and we look so cool. Here they are! There is me, Marisol and Lindsey holding the baby sister in the back. Don't let Marisol's smile fool you. She's EEEEEVILL! Baby Emma looks so sweet in her Christmas dress. :3 She's so cute! That's why I love her.(And the fact that she's my sister.) Here's Josefina and Sadie. Josie looks so pretty in that red dress and her hair down. Red is a very good color on her and Sadie doesn't like to dress up that much so she just put on some winter stuff. They both look really beautiful in there own way. so those are the pictures and I have the whole month of school off. That's because I'm home schooled. XD Yay me and my sisters. :D ~Bella


  1. You all look great! :-) And, yes, you can never have too much love! That's what we usually ask for around here because there's no way everyone here can get something materialistic on Christmas. I mean, we all share anyway, so it's all good.


  2. You all look very festive! :-)
    Happy holidays, Bella and friends!