Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm sick :(

Hey everyone, Unfortunatly there is a Flu going around and I got it. And no, it's not the Swine Flu. it's just a regular Flu. my sister Josefina is taking good care of me and mom keeps bugging me to take lots of Liquids. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Lol! I look awful too. Mia has been helping me with homeschooling while mom is at a human school. Sometimes Mia will give me a break for a couple days but don't tell mommy. ;)Marisol hasent been helping at all. Not that i'm complaining or anything everyone is taking good care of me but she's so disrespectful! She's always walking around with a Doctors mask and keeps screaming "Swine flu, Swine FLUUUU!" I swear I want to smack her accross the face.>_< Plus Josefina gets mad at Marisol, they get into an argument, and it causes a whole bunch of commotion. Mia try's to calm everyone down, Emma starts to cry (Bitty baby) and Sadie just yells "Shut UP!!!" Well at least it works... I hope I feel better soon. ~Bella

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  1. Awww sorry Bella! I hope you feel better soon.